‘The Walking Dead’s’ Steven Yeun Gets Revenge In New Horror Trailer For ‘Mayhem’ [Video]

Fans of The Walking Dead will be delighted to see what Steven Yeun has coming out, considering how he was last seen in that brutal first episode on Season 7 of The Walking Dead. It’s been a long time coming, but Steven Yeun will get his revenge in a new horror movie that clearly shows in the trailer that he has yet fallen victim again to the regional bully, this time in corporate form.

The new movie, Mayhem, might just be the answer to everyone’s broken hearts who last saw Steven Yeun getting his brains bashed in by the fictional character Negan on The Walking Dead. But this time, Yeun is able to lick his wounds and get back up to fight, with a major vengeance.

Steven Yeun plays Derek Cho who works at a high price law firm that seems to be a cutthroat world of greed and polluted capitalism. The firm is located in a tall building and clearly has a vast stockpile of financial resources at its disposal. That also means that if they want to fire someone at any given moment, they can do so without any second thought whatsoever, which is exactly what happens to Cho on a fateful day that has more secrets hidden from the world than the people know.

When SWAT teams start arriving at the building just before Cho was to make his grand exit after being fired, they quarantine the building following the release of a deadly virus that brings out the worst in people. The trailer for Mayhem seems to echo the premise laid out in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, where a virus has spread across a specific population of people and caused them to act out in pure rage against anyone and anything in their path.

Such is also the case with Mayhem, except the entire movie takes place under quarantine inside a corporate law office with many floors of terror and violence awaiting all of the characters. But the most intriguing part of the trailer for Mayhem is that all of the rage that Steven Yeun got denied from having at the end of his Walking Dead run, well he gets to let it out here on some really horrible people. It seems only fitting that Yeun gets to beat some “Negans” to death without fear of retribution.

Fans can catch Steven Yeun in Mayhem on November 10 when the film is released in theaters and on VOD. Be sure to check out the awesome trailer below.

[Featured Image by RLJE Films/Shudder]