WWE Rumors: Women’s Superstar Teases Her Retirement From WWE, Is Summer Rae Leaving?

In recent WWE rumors, a social media post from one of the women’s superstars is suggesting she may soon part ways with WWE. While the women’s division is full of talented stars, it appears Summer Rae has teased she could be on the way out after several years spent working for the company. A recent social media post from the women’s star even indicates she wished she could have worked a program with one of the current top women’s stars on the roster. Could this mean that Summer Rae is leaving WWE in the near future?

A report from Sportskeeda on Sunday discusses the situation with women’s superstar Summer Rae and what may have signaled her impending retirement. Summer, whose real name is Danielle Moinet, posted a video (see below) on social media showing herself competing in a match against Sasha Banks. She tagged “The Boss” in the post and captioned it, “Always wished we had a program together, this one & I!” That particular comment seems like it’s possible that Summer is reminiscing over what could have been during her career with WWE as she was mostly used in enhancement capacities for other women’s stars to win matches. Despite being seen less and less over recent history with WWE, Summer did have a few notable roles and feuds.

Sasha Banks and Summer Rae in ring
Summer Rae recently posted on social media she wished she could have worked more of a program with women's star Sasha Banks. [Image by WWE]

One of those was her original appearances as a dancer with Fandango. Summer participated in the ballroom dancer gimmick for a while as a sort of ringside valet who would strut in the ring or on the ramp with Fandango. Summer worked in that capacity for under a year from 2013 through 2014.

Summer also played a part in the Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, and Lana love triangle story that played out. During that particular storyline, Lana ended up choosing Dolph over Rusev while Summer aligned herself with “The Bulgarian Brute.” The storyline was considered “clunky” by many fans and wrestling writers who felt WWE didn’t incorporate Lana and Rusev’s real-life story of being a couple into it very well.

In October 2015, it appeared Summer had moved on to a new superstar. She announced the debut of her “new man” Tyler Breeze. However, these two separated on television toward the end of that year. There was no further involvement with Rae in any of Breeze’s work on the roster. Both stars moved on to other things.

Most recently, Summer has been recovering from various injuries which have set her back in terms of being in the ring. She was part of the WWE Draft last year and placed on the Raw roster. However, fans haven’t really seen her much at all due to the injury recovery situation. There was a Summer Rae sighting in the crowd at the recent Mae Young Classic women’s tournament.

Some fans feel there’s not enough of a women’s division right now, but there are plenty of talents on the rise from the NXT roster and the recent Mae Young tournament. There’s also the possibility of UFC’s Ronda Rousey working with WWE. That said, it leaves less room for lesser used women’s stars such as Summer Rae.

There’s been no official word on a retirement yet but it could happen. Since Summer Rae is a model in addition to a wrestler, she could likely move her career in a different direction soon. There’s always that possibility she parts ways with WWE, hones her wrestling skills with other promotions, and returns one day to become a women’s champion. If Jinder Mahal can do it, just about anyone can, right?

[Featured Image by WWE]