Dominic Purcell Talks ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Mick Rory And How He Has Changed

Going into the third season of Legends of Tomorrow, it has already been confirmed that Wentworth Miller, who plays Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, will be returning in some way, although there is no clue yet as to how he will return or when. While this is great news for fans of the character, when it comes to the character’s long-time partner, Mick Rory/Heatwave, played by Dominic Purcell, things will definitely be different.

In a recent interview, Purcell opened up about his Legends of Tomorrow character and what is next for him now that he has had a chance to step out of the shadow of Leonard Snart. According to Comic Book, the actor revealed that Mick Rory has really begun to let go of his past and the hold that Snart seemed to have over him.

Dominic Purcell explained that in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow, Mick has “really stepped out of Snart’s shadow and he’s, on the surface, less dark — still very dark, but not as deeply burdened.” While the relationship between the two characters was very complicated in the second season, having Purcell’s character actually say goodbye to Snart at the end of the season and leaving him to live out what many would consider to be his “happy ending” will ultimately be a good thing for Mick Rory going forward.

As Dominic Purcell explained things, by having his character move forward with his life out of the shadow of his old partner, it will allow things to manifest in different ways in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow. This includes having Mick offering up more humor as he continues to grow and evolve as a character standing on his own.

The actor shared that one of the great things about Mick Rory is how funny he can be, and in the third season he is going to be even more humorous than he has been in the past. Having even more of a sense of humor is something that Dominic Purcell believes is “a condition of stepping out of Leonard’s shadow, and yet that also allows him to start finding himself.”

As Bleeding Cool reported, the benefit of having less of Leonard Snart on Legends of Tomorrow is the fact that it gives audiences more of Dominic Purcell’s Mick Rory. While Heatwave was more of a sidekick to Captain Cold in his initial appearances, having the two join the Legends gave both characters more of a chance to shine. Having Mick Rory and Leonard Snart go their separate ways because of the storyline means that it has given Dominic Purcell’s character a chance to shine all on his own.

While Purcell has said in the past that Leonard Snart is Mick Rory’s “soul mate,” having the two go their separate ways, even for a short time, will potentially be a good thing for his character moving forward. However, with Wentworth Miller set to return to Legends of Tomorrow as Leonard Snart once again, things are not completely over between these two characters, which means viewers will get to see how Mick’s growth will affect his interactions with his old partner.

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