They Should Call It The “Sprint Everything But Tethering Plan”

Sprint Wireless has always pushed their 3G, even 4G (WiMax) technologies, endlessly trying to convince customers that their data network was better than any other carriers, now in one metaphorical flip of the switch that entire perception has come crashing down.

At this point it’s still just a single poster by the name of ‘kevinapg” on the Sprint Blogs that has mentioned the issue, claiming that their Blackberry stopped tethering via the Sprint Smartview software.

Kevin also claims that Sprint reps told him he could downgrade to the 900 minute plan and tethering would be turned back on or that he could buy a broadband plan and a modem.

If tethering has been blocked on the Sprint Everything Plan it may take away some of the high priced plans appeal, while placing Sprint in a similar position to AT&T where tether capable devices (iPhone on AT&T) are barred from tethering.

In the meantime Sprint has stated that the feature has never been supported by their software and customers were simply taking advantage of a free loophole that has now been closed.

While I agree that the TOS never offered this service, to suddenly remove the feature, especially when your own software was supporting it up until a certain point doesn’t seem like the best customer service, then again Sprint has NEVER had good customer service. [Sprint]