More iPhone 8 Plus Units ‘Burst Open,’ Fresh Reports Suggests Battery Issues In Apple’s New Device

Mia Lorenzo - Author

Oct. 7 2017, Updated 5:16 p.m. ET

The saga of Apple’s bursting iPhone 8 Plus units continues after more complaints involving damaged units emerge. Just a week ago, there were two complaints involving the iPhone 8 Plus. Users complained the screen was detached from the unit allegedly due to battery swelling. There have been more reports of similar cases, and Apple is yet to reveal a statement regarding the issue.

Customers from Hong Kong, China, Greece, and Canada reported issues with the device. These customers had the same complaints as the first two cases. While Apple did not release an official statement yet, many users think battery swelling is the most likely cause for this issue.

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A case reported by Chris Ogden in New York revealed the screen split open after the batter swelled too much. His 256 GB silver iPhone 8 Plus was in use for a week before the problem occurred. He noticed the device swelled too much the screen was split open in the process. As in the previous report involving the bursting iPhone 8 units, there was no burn damage.

While there was a common factor among these complaints, this case stood out. The customer revealed that he charged the iPhone 8 Plus using Apple’s lighting cord on the Anker Qi wireless charging pad “a few times.” This has been the first incident where the device which had battery issues was charged using a wireless charger.

According to the account of the iPhone 8 Plus owner, the device was replaced by the Apple store right away without being charged anything. The unit was supposedly sent back to Apple so they can discover what the problem is with the unit.

So far, the report from Taiwan and the one in New York were the only ones where the iPhone 8 Plus burst open after use. A woman in Taiwan who used the device for five days before the device burst open was the first reported incident.

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Other reports were similar to the case in Japan where the unit arrived with a defective unit with the screen detached from the rest of the phone’s body. A man in China also reported the same issue with a 64 GB iPhone 8 Plus in Rose Gold. While Apple replaced the unit right away, the store had no comment as to the reason behind the iPhone 8 Plus’ condition.

As of writing, Apple is yet to comment on the reports involving the damaged iPhone 8 Plus units although users think battery swelling is the main issue.

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