Jimmy Kimmel Faces Twitter Backlash After Calling Gun Advocates ‘Crazies’

On October 5, Jimmy Kimmel was the target of a conservative street artist who designed posters calling the late-night host a cry baby, after his tear-filled monologue following the shooting in Las Vegas earlier in the week. While Kimmel responded on Twitter to the street artist, his tweet was later removed. However, a subsequent tweet from the late-night host, in which he posted a call to donate to end gun violence, has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter.

In the tweet, Jimmy Kimmel posted a link to donate money to Everytown For Gun Safety, with a message that sparked some backlash from gun advocates. The message that went along with the donation link starts off by saying, “dear crazies,” and then leads into a message about gun violence. Jimmy Kimmel shares that he finds “it is fascinating that 500 innocent people get shot and your anger is directed at me. Think about that.”

As the Washington Examiner reported, although Jimmy Kimmel did receive some support from his fans in regard to his Twitter message, he received plenty of backlash as well. It seems that one of the biggest issues that Twitter users had was his addressing them as “crazies.” Some users questioned the late-night host, asking him if he realized how many people were fans of his that he was calling crazy. Other Twitter users asked him why he would think it was “OK to call hard working Americans crazies,” while also pointing out that they find it sad that he did not see anything wrong with his words.

Although Jimmy Kimmel has not addressed the tweet in which he called gun advocates crazies since he posted it, the discussions continue on Twitter, with fans of the late-night host defending his stance. As some Twitter users continue to ask why they should have to give up their right to defend themselves, other users have chimed in to call their “logic” flawed.

While the backlash against Jimmy Kimmel stems primarily from his tweet calling out gun advocates, there has also been plenty of social media users who have attacked the late-night host for his monologue following the Las Vegas shooting. For many, their biggest complaint seems to be that he is no longer “the funny man” that they first started watching years ago. Others have questioned why he has only focused on what happened in Las Vegas, and not the shootings that take place every day in places like Chicago and Detroit.

Jimmy Kimmel may not have responded to the backlash at this time, but he has certainly had a lot to say about the shooting and the need for better laws when it comes to gun control. Whether it is through social media or on his late-night program, he has made it clear where he stands.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]