Not Sure What ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Is All About? New Trailer Explains With 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 27 across the globe. Yet, Nintendo seems aware that not everyone may have a full understanding of what’s going on in Mario’s latest adventure. To help explain the first Mario game on Nintendo’s newest console to long-time fans and first-time players alike, Nintendo UK has released a new trailer that provides a general overview of the game while showcasing a flurry of tantalizing gameplay sequences.

The following questions, and more, are answered by the new game trailer.

What is the story of Super Mario Odyssey?

In a nutshell, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach, and Mario is tasked with saving her yet again. Bowser has set a wedding date, too, so Mario really can’t afford to dawdle. The wedding outfits are shown in various scenes in the trailer, and we even get a peak at Peach’s distinctive Pirana Plant bouquet.

What is the “Odyssey,” exactly?

Mario must embark on an arduous journey (an odyssey, if you will) across many worlds to save the kidnapped Princess, but he does so on a hat-shaped ship called the “Odyssey.” It runs on a universe-friendly fuel source called “Power Moons.” To travel the distance and save the princess, you’ll need to collect and gas up with Power Moons on each world you visit.

Who is Cappy
Mario teams up with a new friend, Cappy. [Image by Nintendo]

Who is Cappy?

Mario’s iconic hat is replaced by a new friend named Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. Cappy helps Mario in some fresh new ways. He can be thrown like a boomerang to collect coins from a distance, or defeat baddies. Mario can jump on Cappy to get to some hard-to-reach areas and find hidden treasures.

In what looks like one of Cappy’s most fun features, he can be tossed on the head of an enemy, or on top of various objects, to take it over. The trailer shows the Cappy assuming control of a Bullet Bill, Cheep Cheep, taxi cab, and even a tank. This takeover allows the player to control these enemies or objects, giving them access to more weapons and locations.

Is Mario Odyssey Multiplayer?

There is a two-player couch co-op mode. One player can play as Mario while another plays as Cappy. In the trailer, this mode is shown off with both players each using a Joy-Con. It’s unclear from what’s shown in the trailer if this mode supports Pro Controllers as well.

See all of the gameplay for yourself by watching the full “Overview Trailer” for Super Mario Odyssey below.

A similar trailer can also be viewed in Japanese. Enjoy!

[Featured Image by Nintendo]