Bella Thorne Reveals Why She Dates More Men Than Women

When it comes to her love life, Bella Thorne, who came out as bisexual last year, has always tried to be completely honest. In fact, last week the actress publicly acknowledged that she was dating another woman. In a new interview, Bella Thorne opened up about her dating life and the real reason that she has dated more men than women.

Sitting down with Style Caster for the interview, Thorne was asked how dating girls has been going for her, and she was quick to explain how difficult it can really be. According to the actress, the biggest problem she has when it comes to girls, is she cannot always tell whether a girl “is trying to be best friends with me or if she wants to get with me or if she just wants social media followers.” When it comes to girls actually trying to talk to her, Bella Thorne explained that it is actually rather confusing for her, especially since she believes women can be naturally flirtatious.

The actress said that even when a girl does seem to be flirting with her, she is scared to make a move because then it can become awkward when they tell her, “not what I was thinking, I don’t roll that way.” Ultimately, it is because of all of the mixed signals she seems to get, that Belle Thorne has found herself dating more men than women.

Thorne continued by explaining that, at least in her mind, when it comes to dating men, it can be easier for her to tell when they are hitting on her. She said that when they text her, it is not about being best friends or simply hanging out, instead she just feels like they want something more from her.

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Bella Thorne shared that she prefers it when a girl is actually upfront with her about what they want. She even gave an example of how one woman sent her a message on Instagram letting her know she wanted to get with her and what she wanted, whereas she has had other girls who have simply told her things like she is “gorgeous” and they should hang out. When it comes to the more direct female, Bella Thorne said that it was “awesome” and found it to be “so cool,” but the other, less-direct approach left her asking what the other women wanted from her.

While Thorne was very clear that she likes a woman who is direct with her, she also made it clear that she has no problem telling a woman that she likes them. As Seventeen reported, “Bella isn’t a hypocrite,” because she will let someone know when she likes them, whether they are a man or a woman. Even though the actress never wants to make things awkward for people, she will let them know that she finds them attractive and wants to go on a date.

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For now, it seems like Bella Thorne does not have to worry about mixed signals when it comes to dating, as she is apparently in a relationship with Tana Mongeau. With the two posting pictures together on Instagram, each claiming the other, it looks like Thorne has found someone to be with be who is not afraid to let her know how they feel.

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