Kathie Lee And Hoda Allegedly Livid Over Recent Ratings Drop, Blame Megyn Kelly

Ever since Megyn Kelly’s controversial new show, Megyn Kelly Today, took over the slot before Kathie Lee and Hoda’s show, ratings have reportedly been tanking and the duo is absolutely furious.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Megyn’s Today slot has been the subject of a ton of controversy. After a “disastrous” first week on the job, a poll found viewers to clearly dislike conservative Megyn Kelly, who only scored a 45 in a poll among viewers. The former Fox News employee also had lower ratings than Al Roker and Tamron Hall, who used to host the 9 a.m. slot of the Today Show.

But not only are Kelly’s tanking ratings affecting her own show, but Kathie Lee and Hoda are also showing a drop in ratings. According to Radar Online, ever since the 46-year-old blonde started her gig on the Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda‘s show has seen their ratings drop by nearly 8 percent. Of course, Kathie Lee and Hoda’s show airs immediately after Kelly’s in the 10 a.m. hour.

An insider reports that Megyn’s low ratings are causing a domino effect for other shows and everyone is pretty sour over the matter. The insider goes on to say that “the ladies are furious” that Megyn’s show is affecting their ratings. The same source did claim that Hoda is “taking the high road” and being a team player, but Kathie Lee is reportedly livid and “having none of it.”

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According to the insider, Kathie Lee believes that the low ratings are negatively affecting her position at NBC and she has told network executives that she knew this would happen from the very beginning.

Entertainment Daily reports that Kelly’s ratings in the first week were 2.5 million viewers, which was down 12 percent from when Al and Tamron hosted. The publication also states that NBC News President Noah Oppenheim knew that it would take a while for Kelly to earn solid ratings.

“Launching a TV show is a hard thing to do, and we’re certainly not naïve about that,” he said.

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Megyn has been in hot water with multiple people since her hiring and the Daily Mail claims that her whopping $23 million a year paycheck is really making NBC execs furious. In comparison, longtime NBC host Jimmy Fallon is only raking in $15 million a year.

Do you think Kathie Lee, Hoda, and everyone else at NBC is freaking out too early, or do you think that there’s no coming back from Kelly’s tanking ratings?

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