‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6’s New BFF Knows Nikolas, Jason Receives A Call, Is He Hiding Something?

General Hospital spoilers tease thrilling episodes for the week of October 9. Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is on his way home. As he makes his trip back to Port Charles, he will discover some things which will leave him in shock. As the mysterious captive in Russia tries to make sense of what happened to him, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) will receive a mysterious phone call which is one clue that he is also keeping a secret.

Time Warp

Patient 6 is on a boat bound for Port Charles. The man is eager to get back to his family, but when he sees what date it is, he can’t help but feel and act horrified. Based on this reaction, it seems like the man has been dragged away for years. This is one clue that the man from the Russian clinic is actually the real Jason Morgan.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Patient 6 will require some help and his new friend, Huxley, will lend him a hand. Huxley meeting Patient 6 seems too much of a coincidence. Huxley was involved with Nicolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), and this connection would put him on Valentin’s radar, especially if he is also bound for Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Huxley plans to pay a visit to PC to stir up trouble. Dragging Patient 6 alone already means trouble, although it remains to be seen what the peculiar British man wants to do in Port Charles. It would be a few weeks before Patient 6 arrives in Port Charles, but there is a lot going on back in town.

More Secrets

Jason just woke up from a coma, and he had an interesting conversation with Franco. Next week on General Hospital, Julian will call Julian Jerome (William deVry). Interestingly enough, he will receive a mysterious call afterward. From the looks of it, Jason has been expecting the call. Who or what the call is about remains to be seen, although this might have something to do with Franco’s twin discovery.

If Jason is trying to keep a secret, Franco will come clean. General Hospital spoilers tease Franco will tell Liz about what he uncovered. Liz is not exactly the best confidante, but Franco makes her promise she will not reveal any of it.

With everything going on in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will have a major crisis ahead; having two people claiming they are Jason Morgan will prove to be a confusing problem for her.

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