Kylie Jenner Reportedly Not Worried Travis Scott Will Cheat Amid Pregnancy, She Trusts Him

Kylie Jenner is reportedly far from worried about her relationship with Travis Scott and the possible chance that her boyfriend would cheat on her amid her pregnancy with their first child.

Sources reveal that Kylie Jenner seems rather confident that Scott will remain faithful to her — she’s formed a close bond with him and has never wanted to be a needy girlfriend.

Now that she’s expecting her first child, Kylie Jenner wants to put all of her energy into having a healthy baby girl, and the last thing she’s worried about is whether Travis could potentially be cheating on her.

Of course, that kind of a mindset only comes with a lot of trust, and in Kylie’s eyes, the 25-year-old has proven himself to have shown nothing less.

The reality star loves how dedicated and devoted her beau has been since finding out that they were having a child together, and it goes without saying that even before the twosome found out, they shared a very close romance with one another.

Getting with Travis is said to have been the best decision Kylie Jenner could have made, a source reveals, adding that even on her reality show, Life of Kylie, the 20-year-old notes that she hasn’t been as happy as she has with Travis in a long time.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Kylie Jenner is far from the nagging type of girlfriend. She wants Scott to have fun and enjoy nights out with his boys. She knows he’ll be responsible, and the last thing she’s worried about is him cheating on her.

From what’s been said, Travis loves that about the TV personality. The fact that Kylie Jenner has so much trust in him, knowing that women would easily throw themselves at him, shows growth and maturity, which her boyfriend definitely appreciates.

News of Kylie Jenner giving Travis his space when wanting to go out with friends comes just weeks after it was revealed that the social media fanatic will be expecting her baby sometime in February.

Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm her pregnancy, having failed to give an official press release at the time the story initially broke.

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