Melania Trump Halloween Costume: ‘Sexy’ First Lady Costume Sells For $69.95 – Creepy Melania Masks Cost Less

According to Amazon’s search engine suggestions, folks are already turning to the online retailing giant to search for their very own “Melania Trump Halloween costume.” However, not all Halloween costumes related to Melania can be found on Amazon. In fact, not many Melania Halloween costumes can be found on the retailer’s website. As such, other online sellers are taking the opportunity to sell Melania Halloween costumes.

As reported by Marie Claire, there’s a sexy version of Melania’s Inauguration Day power blue outfit — the one that harkened back to the stylings of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. However, the “Yandy Model Wife Costume” on sale for $69.95 leaves room for a woman to show off her six-pack abs and long legs while emulating Melania’s look. As seen in the below photo, the costume contains a similar blue color to Melania’s famous outfit, but stops short of using Melania’s name in the description of the costume that comes complete with a fitted short skirt.

“Stand by your hubby in this exclusive Model Wife costume featuring a blue crop top with 3/4 length sleeves, a high collar, a wrap front with velcro closure, and a matching high waisted skirt. (Gloves not included.)”

The wrap front is a dead-on impression of the jacket Melania wore on January 20. The description lets buyers of the “Model Wife” Halloween costume know that they’ll have to buy their own long gloves separately to get Melania’s famous look.

While that Melania-based “sexy” Halloween costume might be considered cute or offensive by some Melania fans, some of the Melania masks being sold online prior to Halloween are downright creepy. Exhibit A: The “First Lady Mask” that appears on the Spirit Halloween website is priced at $12.99, but seems to highlight fine lines and wrinkles on Melania’s face — perhaps done intentionally in keeping with the scary spirit of Halloween — but is not Melania’s best look. No reviews exist thus far for that creepy Melania mask, but that will likely change once the photo of the Halloween mask goes viral.

“Your dreams of becoming the First Lady of the United States have finally come true! Try out this Melania Trump mask and you’ll feel like the most important woman in America.”

Other Melania masks, such as the Melania Trump Celebrity Mask, Card Face, and Fancy Dress Mask selling on eBay, appear to show more flattering versions of Melania. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania’s lawyer is known for going after products that use Melania’s name. The same attorney said that “Melania Cakes” made Melania smile.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]