Netflix Postpones ‘The Punisher’ Over Las Vegas Shooting, Gets Negative Reaction From Some Fans

The Punisher‘s launch date has been delayed to November. Netflix decided to delay airing the upcoming Marvel series in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Fans of the antihero have been waiting for the launch of The Punisher, which was slated to be released over the weekend. Despite recent events, however, some Marvel fans disagreed with Netflix, arguing that delaying the show only empowers terrorists and terrorism.

The streaming service recently dropped out of multiple events which were scheduled in preparation for the show’s release date, reported the Los Angeles Times. A panel planned at the New York Comic-Con for the show was canceled. At the same time, an event in Paris, called Nuit Noire or Black Night, was also canceled. As per Variety, the Paris event was to take place at the historical Cirque d’Hiver, which is the oldest stationary circus worldwide.

According to multiple sites, Netflix and Marvel planned to air the first two episodes at the event for fans. Then the entire series would be released to Netflix subscribers as a surprise launch, stated Comicbook.

However, it seems that both Marvel and Netflix felt like releasing The Punisher would be done in bad taste following news of the Las Vegas shooting. The tragic event occurred when Stephen Paddock fired at a crowd from his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. According to TIME, 58 people were killed, and more than 500 were wounded.

The massacre in Las Vegas has caused talk of gun violence and gun control to resurface. Given the history of the main character of The Punisher, some fans seem to understand why the TV series is delayed entirely. It is well-known that Francis or Frank Castle loves weaponry and the comic is full of violence.

“Understandable and very respectful of the sensitive situation. I agree with Marvel and Netflix and support them,” tweeted Siddhant Pandey.

“Makes sense,” tweeted DopeSpill Comics on the same thread.

Read between the lines. #ThePunisher

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However, some fans believe that postponing the launch date validates terrorists and terrorism. There are groups of people who seem to think that terrorist acts should not be given more power by showing that they affect anything, including the release date of a show.

“My outrage wasn’t that I have to wait longer to watch it, it’s that it is validating terrorist acts by moving it,” writes Nick Caine.

“So I guess we let the terrorists win smh,” tweets Skeeter, another Punisher fan.

Other shows have been delayed in the past in the wake of a tragic event. For instance, Screen Junkies cited that a Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode was pulled following the Columbine shooting.

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