'Little People, Big World': Baby Jackson Shows Love For Cousin Ember In Tori Roloff's Sweet IG Post

Ember Jean Roloff is one loved baby! The newest addition to the Little People, Big World family is getting cuddles and kisses from her doting relatives--from Grandpa Matt and Grandma Amy to her adorable four-month-old cousin Jackson!

Tori Roloff just posted two photos on her Instagram account showing how smitten Baby Jackson is with his new cousin. In one picture, Jackson is holding little Ember's hand while she soundly sleeps. In another photo, Jackson and Ember are lying side-by-side on a cute baby mat. Tori also wrote a touching message for her niece in the caption.

"No worries, cousin Ember...Baby J will always be there to hold your hand. We love you, little girl!"
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff both responded to Tori's sweet post by liking it. Audrey also left a comment and said that she couldn't get enough of the two cousins.

"The sweetest of friends! Obsessed with them," Audrey replied. She later re-posted the adorable photo on her own Instagram Stories page.

These are, officially, the first time for Little People, Big World fans to see the two Roloff babies together since Ember's arrival on Sept. 10. Just like their parents, Jackson and Ember will surely grow up to be the best buddies!

Jeremy and Audrey's first born is now three weeks old, and the couple is starting to share more photos of her with their fans. Audrey has just updated her personal blog and posted some never-before-seen photos from her labor at the hospital. These include pictures captured by her doula of that very emotional moment when Audrey first held her baby.

"This is one of the most beautiful photos we've ever taken," the 26-year-old first-time mom shared. "Holding our baby girl for the first time, while looking up into her daddy's watery eyes...wow. Oh, my heart."

Meanwhile, other Roloff family members are also showering baby Ember with love. Matt Roloff was first to post a picture with his granddaughter on social media on Wednesday. Amy soon followed, sharing two adorable pictures of her carrying her precious granddaughter.

In her Facebook post, the Little People, Big World matriarch pondered on the many blessings she's been receiving in this new season of her life. With two grandbabies and a new pumpkin season, Amy noted that there is so much to be thankful for.

"Fall- always reminds me how so much I'm thankful for. These two - Jackson and Ember top the list...These two remind me God never leaves us, never lets us go and always [loves us]."

Little People, Big World fans will surely see more of baby Ember in the coming days. Aside from social media, the Roloffs are expected to return to television with a new season of their long-running TLC show.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]