Tyga: Kylie Jenner Will Split With Travis Scott Before Baby Birth Amid Rumored Pregnancy

Tyga is far from convinced that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship will last, even telling friends that the romance could be over before the birth of their child next year.

Tyga, who dated Kylie for several years before calling it quits in March, was allegedly devastated by the breakup because it reportedly came out of nowhere.

Jenner made it known to the rapper that she wanted to move on with her life, stressing that she fell out of love with the father of one, and the constant arguing and social media feuds strongly contributed to her decision.

Having recently found out that Kylie is allegedly pregnant, Tyga has made it known that he doesn't see the couple being together much longer, Hollywood Life shares, having spent close to four years with the reality star.

He knows what triggers her to dump the men she dates, mentioning how even the smallest arguments can lead to a sudden breakup.

Tyga and Jenner reportedly broke up more than five times during their time together, so there's no doubt in the rapper's mind that this will evidently be the case in this relationship as well.

The difference between Tyga and Travis, however, is that the latter is reportedly having a child with the TV personality, evidently meaning that even when the 20-year-old is done with the romance, she will still have to work out custody plans.

Travis won't be going anywhere, even when the couple splits, and Tyga thinks that this is a situation that's going to drive Kylie insane because she's supposedly proven that she doesn't necessarily want to stay in contact with her exes.

Tyga hasn't spoken to the social media fanatic since their split earlier this year, and while it allegedly bothered the "Faded" rap star in the beginning, as he hoped to eventually reconcile with Kylie, he has now accepted the fact that their romance has completely died out.

The source concludes by saying that Tyga thinks Kylie has put herself in a position she certainly doesn't want to be in, but she won't realize that until later on in the rumored pregnancy when she understands that her romance with Travis is doomed.

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