Bernice Burgos Shocked T.I. Blocked Her Number Amid Tiny Harris Reunion: Convinced He Will Cheat Again

Bernice Burgos is convinced that T.I. has blocked her number after having made it known that he has reconciled with estranged wife Tiny Harris.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Bernice has been texting the rapper on a daily basis but she has yet to receive a response from him.

The couple, who dated over the summer prior to T.I.'s supposed decision to get back with Tiny, had a good thing going for themselves, according to sources, but the "Live Your Life" hitmaker's heart was still with Harris.

It's been a while since Bernice Burgos has spoken to T.I. Insiders reveal that she's really missing her ex-boyfriend and would love to see him again, despite the fact that he's back with his wife.

It seems as if Bernice couldn't care less on whether or not the rapper has reconciled with Tiny or not, otherwise, she wouldn't have allegedly been texting him in recent days.

But, as previously mentioned, T.I. hasn't responded to any of her messages, leading her to believe that the rap mogul has blocked her number.

Sources say that while Bernice Burgos is furious to think that the "No Mediocre" rap star may have blocked her from his phone, it's only a matter of time before he comes knocking on her door again.

Hollywood Life claims that Bernice knows the reconciliation between her former flame and his wife won't last because they are constantly arguing with one another, and as much as they may want to think they are destined for one another, that's not the case at all.

While she's annoyed that T.I. has gone to great lengths to keep his distance from the Instagram model, Bernice Burgos is keeping her head held high, noting that she will be seeing the rapper again very soon.

Furthermore, the mother-of-one already predicts that Tiny Harris will end up filing for divorce again once she learns that the man she has described as the love of her life has cheated on her again.

Bernice Burgos is far from convinced that T.I. will remain faithful to Tiny, giving the impression that she will be first in line to make her thoughts a reality.

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