Serena Williams Decorates Baby With Food As Husband Goes Back To Reddit, Records Recovery With Instagram Pics

Now that her husband is back at Reddit after using up his paternity leave, Serena Williams has full control on the baby pics for Instagram. The 36-year-old mother gave birth to her first child in September and has been actively using social media to keep her fans updated on how she and Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. are doing. From the looks of it, Serena is doing a great job combining the two loves of her life: baby and food.

The former world No. 1, who has often called herself a millennial, and Reddit founder opened a separate Instagram account for their daughter as soon as she came into the world. While some celebrities — like Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively, and more — like to protect the privacy of their kids, it looks like Serena and her husband have no problem showing off their daughter to the world.

Creating a separate Instagram account for their baby daughter means that they have another outlet to share adorable baby pictures. This also means that they can keep their careers from their baby pictures separate.

Because it only has been a month since Olympia’s birth, there are not too many pictures of the baby online. However, as she recovers, it looks like Serena is thinking of creative ways to post about her daughter. Right now, she is in the thralls of expressing her love for food on her baby girl.

The 2017 Australian Open champion is famous for her love for tacos, so she decided to introduce the concept early to her kid.

Soon after that post, she decided to grab some of her tennis gear and make a makeshift baby swaddle for her daughter.

My mom ????

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Just because she is coming up with fun ways to dress her daughter up for Instagram does not mean that she is neglecting her training. While she has not directly posted about her fitness regime on Instagram, she has posted a few selfies on Instagram, which revealed that she got her body back to go into some serious court training.

The most recent picture of Serena in a white dress shocked fans. It revealed how tiny her waist was and how ready she seems to start intense physical training to get herself ready for the 2018 Australian Open, which is just three months away.

“Wow talk about bouncing back after little Alexis,” one fan wrote. “Love the dress too.”

“Are you sure you just had a baby?! You look absolutely amazing,” another commented.

As she delves into her comeback, she will not have her husband to lean on for support. Alexis Ohanian revealed on Instagram that he is back at work.

Do you think Serena Williams will be ready in time for the 2018 Australian Open? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]