'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Shows Off Side-By-Side Photos Of Her Kids

Chelsea Houska posted side-by-side photos of her two children, 8-year-old Aubree and 8-month-old Watson, on Twitter earlier this week. However, as fans may have noticed, Aubree wasn't 8-years-old in the image. Instead, she was Watson's age and sporting similar hair.

On October 3, the Teen Mom 2 star shared the photos and revealed to her fans and followers that her daughter and son both had poofy hair as babies.

Chelsea Houska also shared the photo of her son, Watson, on Instagram, and as fans can see, he doesn't have much hair but the hair that he does appears to stick straight out from his skull, just as Aubree's did when she was little. As fans will recall, Houska welcomed Aubree in 2009 as she and her former boyfriend, Adam Lind, filmed 16 & Pregnant Season 2. Then, years later, after marrying her now-husband Cole DeBoer, Houska welcomed son Watson.

After Chelsea Houska shared the photo below with her many fans and followers on Twitter, her audience weighed in on the images, telling the longtime reality star that her children were the cutest and noting that her daughter and son looked quite similar to one another as babies. Others sent Chelsea Houska photos of their own poofy-haired children.

In other Chelsea Houska news, she and husband Cole DeBoer are preparing for their second wedding later this year. As fans will recall, Houska's first wedding ended up being a bit different than she imagined due to her pregnancy. So, a short time after learning she would be several months pregnant at the time she was going to be walking down the aisle, she began to plan an additional ceremony for her and her husband.

Although Chelsea Houska hasn't told fans when she and Cole DeBoer will celebrate their second wedding, she has been sharing details of the moments leading up to their nuptials, including her trip to Minnesota for her dress, on Snapchat.

To see more of Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, their family, and their co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, and Kailyn Lowry, don't miss new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 8 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

[Featured Image by MTV]