‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Tragically Reveals That Dog Died Of A ‘Broken Heart’ After Beth’s Cancer Diagnosis

On a recent podcast, Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane “Dog” Chapman was very candid over the loss of he and wife Beth’s beloved dog, Delilah, amid Beth’s cancer diagnosis. Last week, the Inquisitr reported that Beth and Duane Chapman were going through a rough patch. Not only did Beth undergo a 13-hour surgery to remove a stage two cancerous tumor from her neck, but the couple also lost their dog that same week.

“She just couldn’t wait for me any longer RIP my sweet lil Delilah I love you lil girl,” Beth shared along with a photo of the dog on her Instagram.

At the time of the pooch’s passing, Beth didn’t share any further details on the cause of death. But in an article on Radar Online, it is reported that Dog opened up about Delilah’s passing on his podcast, Dog & Beth Looking For Trouble. While Beth was in the hospital, Duane explained that his wife had a “feeling” something was going to happen to the dog. She would wake him up in the middle of the night and say, “I’ve gotta get home, my dog’s gonna die!”

Sadly, Beth was right and Delilah passed away that same week. In a post on her Facebook page, Beth explained to fans that she had begged doctors to go home so she could see the pooch as she was waiting but “mommy never came.” She went on to say that she is sick with grief before saying how much she loved and would miss little Delilah.

She just couldn’t wait for me any longer RIP my sweet lil Delilah I love you lil girl

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To make matters even more heartbreaking, the vet told Beth and Dog that Delilah could have very well died from “a broken heart.” Later in the podcast, Dog tells listeners that both the passing of Delilah and Beth’s pain from surgery are really beginning to take a toll on the reality star. With her pain level at a nine out of 10 and the heartache of losing her dog, Beth is having a rough time.


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Earlier this week, Beth shared a live video with her fans on Facebook as she enjoyed watching beautiful, big waves crash against massive rocks. The live stream lasts a little over eight minutes and fans of the 49-year-old really seem to appreciate Beth sharing the tranquil view that she was experiencing with them.

“Prayers to your healing. Your family saved my life and I am forever grateful for you all,” one fan wrote.

“You are such an insperation to all women. You have helped me through some very hard times and I thank you for that!” another fan confessed.

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