Melania Trump Praised On Twitter For Wearing 'Timbs,' And Folks Have A Lot To Say About Melania's Black Dress

No matter how pulled-together and fashionable First Lady Melania Trump might appear during public appearances, folks seem to have big opinions -- good, bad, or indifferent -- about Melania's fashion choices. While people have weighed in before about Melania's penchant for wearing sunglasses at night -- as seen above when Melania returned to the White House on Wednesday evening and previously reported by the Inquisitr -- viewers now have tons to say about Melania's "Timbs" and her fitted black dress recently worn.

Whereas Melania wore a fitted black dress that was cinched at the waist when Melania visited Las Vegas with President Donald Trump on October 4, Melania's "Timbs" boots are also getting some big buzz on Twitter from the previous day, when Melania returned from Puerto Rico.

As seen in the below photo, when President Trump and Melania returned to the White House in the wake of their five hours and 20 minutes on the ground in Puerto Rico, where the duo viewed the damage from Hurricane Irma, Melania donned a pair of brown Timberland boots -- or "Timbs" -- that got attention. Whereas Melania was previously criticized for wearing "flood heels," Melania seemed to take a 180-degree turn when choosing to change into Timberland boots for her return from the storm-ravaged region.

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As seen in many of the below tweets, Melania received plenty of praise for wearing "Timbs," with suggestions that Melania should've left the tags on her Timbs, as is in fashion. As far as Melania choosing to wear a fitted black dress to Las Vegas, that fashion choice didn't sit well with everyone. Some folks with blank Twitter profile photos chose to publish negative comments about Melania for wearing the black dress.

The black dress can be seen in action in the below video, as Melania and President Trump are shown taking photos with hospital staff in Las Vegas. According to Vogue, Melania's all-white skinny jeans, T-shirt, and Timberland boots got backlash from folks who claimed that Melania was more focused on optics instead of real work. The publication noted that Melania changed clothes on Air Force One, and by wearing gold-ish tan Timberlands, it would appear that perhaps Melania would do some "boots on the ground" work. Melania was criticized for dressing as if she were preparing to attend a fashion show, where her white attire wouldn't get stained. Others defended Melania, noting that she doesn't have to dress to please the masses.

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