‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 112-114 Summaries Released: U6 Saiyans And Vegeta Shine As Goku Recovers

The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super is steadily building up to its climax, and things are getting pretty intense. After this Sunday’s one-hour TV special featuring Goku and Jiren’s fateful battle, the other Saiyans from both Universe 6 and Universe 7 will be given some time to shine, at least according to a new series of leaks from Animedia.

The episode summaries, which were recently translated by the ever-reliable DBS fan-translator Herms98, described the events that would transpire after Goku’s defeat at the hands of Jiren, who will give the Saiyan a massive beatdown this coming Sunday. According to the leaked Animedia summaries, however, Jiren’s win over Goku will simply be a means for the anime’s plot to move in a somewhat different direction.

Take Dragon Ball Super Episode 112, for example. Titled “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve!!” the episode summary revealed that the U7 veteran will support his protege from Universe 6, Cabba, after the latter ended up in a tight spot.

Here is the Animedia summary for DBS Ep 112. Interestingly, neither Jiren nor Goku were mentioned in the leaked teaser at all.

“Universe 6’s Cabba battles Universe 4’s Monna, so that the more powerful Caulifla and Kale will be able to challenge strong enemies in peak condition. Pushed back by Monna’s attack, Cabba is almost knocked out of bounds but is saved by Universe 7’s Vegeta. Vegeta tells his disciple Cabba to fight as a Saiyan, without regrets.”

As can be seen in the DBS Ep 112 teaser, it seems like Vegeta will come to Cabba’s aid. This is a particularly interesting development, especially since Vegeta and Cabba are technically from competing universes, and under the rules of the Tournament of Power, only one could survive. Nevertheless, Vegeta and the U6 Saiyan have a master-protege relationship. Thus, the Saiyan Prince’s concern for the young fighter is quite understandable.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113, “Gleefully! Fighting Maniac Saiyans Battle Once More!!” will feature the return of Goku to fighting condition, at least to some degree. According to the recent episode leaks, the Universe 7 warrior will find himself locked in a battle against Universe 3’s fighters. The veteran fighter will also have to contend with a challenge from U6’s Caulifla. Fortunately, Goku will take advantage of the attacks to regain some of his stamina. Just like the previous episode, however, there was no mention of Goku continuing his fight against Jiren at all.

“Universe 3 warriors go after Goku (who used up his stamina fighting Jiren), but Caulifla stops them and tells Goku to fight her. Goku readily agrees, but lacking the stamina to become Super Saiyan, he aims to increase his stamina while fighting.”

The leaked Animedia summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 featured the return to prominence of Kale, who was sidelined after battling against the Pride Troopers with Caulifla in an impressive four-against-two battle. Since her skirmish against the U11 warriors, the female Saiyan has been benched. That is, of course, until DBS Ep 114, titled “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!”

“As Universe 6’s Kale joins Caulifla to fight Goku, the tension rises as she is overwhelmed by Goku’s attacks. She then transforms into a berserker Super Saiyan, but…”

Interestingly, the newly released episode summaries seem to indicate that after their initial battle, Goku and Jiren will not resume their fight at all. The reasons behind this particular wrinkle in Dragon Ball Super’s plot remain unknown, at least for now.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]