'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam's Penny Explained At Last – Coin From Helena's Will Is Tied To Two Jasons

General Hospital spoilers reveal that a forgotten detail from Helena Cassadine's (Constance Towers) will reading is about to explode Sam Morgan's (Kelly Monaco) life. Remember that penny Helena left Sam in the will? That's a key to the tale of two Jasons and was Helena's way to give Sam a clue about the "curse" that was coming to derail her life. Now we know the curse is not anything magical at all – but is about the existence of Drew Quartermaine, Jason's twin, and what Helena did to both men.

Helena left Sam a coin – and a clue

When Helena read her video last will and testament on March 14, 2016, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) was there to facilitate. What Helena said in the video was a distraction to the true meaning of the penny that she left for Sam. You can check out what she said in this detailed transcript from TV Megasite, but here's the important part.

Helena said, "To Samantha Morgan née McCall, I'm leaving... one cent because that's all any child of Alexis is worth."

Sam said, "This is exactly what I expected Helena to do."

The will is important because later, GH writers changed who was there with some recent dialog. You might remember in the story about Jason's (Billy Miller) time on Cassadine island as Helena's captive that he said he was at her will reading. Smart viewers recall that he was not there, but the writers intentionally changed history by having Jason say that he was. That's a critical twist, and there's more to come, according to recent spoilers from Soap Central.

Jason and Drew – two sides to the same coin

GH spoilers promise the coin was the important thing that Helena left to Sam – and her nasty remark about her and her sisters being worth a cent was just a distraction so that Sam wouldn't figure out too quickly why she left her the penny. Sam didn't take too close of a look at the one-cent piece, but maybe she should. There are clues to be had there that are critical to the Drew and Jason reveal.
Some spoilers hint that the penny might be a two-faced coin, but Sam never examined it. She took the insult and coin at face value and didn't examine it. Once Patient 6 (Steve Burton) comes back to Port Charles, Sam will recall Helena's "gift" and get it out for a closer investigation. Once she examines it, Sam finds the penny has two faces, one on each side, which indicates it's a special penny.

The year is also important

Not only do spoilers hint that the coin was specially minted by Helena as a clue to Jason's fate, but it's more than just a two-faced coin. Sam also needs to look at the year on the coin. Upon closer examination, Sam should find the double identical sided coin was minted in the year that Jason was born. According to Soap Central, Jason's revised date of birth is September 14, 1974.
If you've been carefully watching the dates on General Hospital episodes, you might also notice that the first time Ava Jerome (Maura West) met Patient 6, it was September 14, 2017. It was on Jason's birthday! Did you realize that? Patient 6 debuted the day Jason and Drew were born, although it was a few days later before we saw Burton's blue eyes and another week before we saw his full face.

GH spoilers by the numbers

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing us with specifically dated events. Sam's penny that Helena left her ties into all of this. U.S. pennies don't show the specific date they are minted, just the year. Sam will soon discover her penny is from 1974. Also, she should notice right below the date the mint mark on the coin. She'll see "W" indicating it was minted at the U.S. coin facility in West Point, New York.
New York is where Susan Moore gave birth to both Jason and Drew, and then Drew was taken away, wound up with Betsy Frank, and lived with Franco (Roger Howarth) for a few years before he was presumed dead. Of course, the kid didn't die, and Helena ultimately got her hands on both Jason and Drew for her vile experiments. The penny Helena left Sam reveals the Cassadine matriarch's role.

What do you think of the penny reveal? Are you happy that GH will finally explain why Sam got that coin in Helena's will? Do you think Sam will be the one to figure out the coin, or will it take the help of someone like Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to sort out the clue and how it ties to the two Jasons? Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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