‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 109-110 Final Trailer: Did The The Spirit Bomb Fan Theory Just Get Confirmed?

Dragon Ball Super will be airing a special one-hour episode this coming Sunday, and if the newest preview about the upcoming TV event is any indication, it seems like things are about to escalate in the Tournament of Power. In what could be the final trailer for the hour-long television special, Toei Animation seems to have confirmed a popular fan theory that has emerged over the past few weeks.

Goku’s upcoming transformation has been teased in the anime for quite some time. Since the first promotional material featuring the new form was released a few months ago, the interest of the DBS community has been at an all-time high. It has been some time, after all, since the powerful Saiyan was given a new transformation. The new form has not been given an official name, but due to the circumstances surrounding the Tournament of Power, as well as some clues dropped by the anime itself, fans have dubbed the Saiyan’s upcoming form as Limit Breaker Goku.

So how exactly does Goku break his limits in the Tournament of Power? If the recent previews for DBS Episode 109-110 are any indication, it seems like the veteran warrior would be attaining his new form after getting hit and absorbing his own Spirit Bomb. This particular development has been rumored for some time among the anime’s fans in online forums such as Reddit, though Toei Animation’s recently released teaser is the first indication that these speculations might really be accurate.

The recently released NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 109-110 started with clips that have already been revealed before. It began with Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form fighting and ultimately losing to Jiren. Scenes of the Universe 7 warrior using his Kaio-Ken technique were also shown. Lastly, the teaser featured the Saiyan, who is curiously in his base form, throwing a Spirit Bomb at the Universe 11 Pride Trooper.

The previous teasers that were released by Toei Animation stopped at a tense scene depicting Jiren facing down the massive ball of energy from Goku. As shown in the newest trailer, however, Jiren would be deflecting the attack at the Saiyan. This, of course, would ultimately overwhelm Goku, with the Saiyan practically disappearing from the sheer amount of energy in the attack.

The final scenes of the last DBS Episode 109-110 teaser hold the key to Goku’s Limit Breaker transformation. As could be seen in the concluding moments of the NEP, Goku would be emerging from the devastation of the Spirit Bomb in his new form. That’s right. If the recently released trailers are any indication, it appears that Goku would be attaining his latest limit-breaking form after absorbing the energy from his own ultimate attack.

In a lot of ways, such a development is a throwback to a classic DB movie, titled Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! In the film, Goku created a Spirit Bomb that he ended up absorbing due to the impurity in his heart. The Spirit Bomb greatly enhanced Goku’s power, though the form also made the Saiyan lose control of his own body.

Interestingly, such a development has also been leaked to the Dragon Ball Super community, with recent reports referring to Goku attaining “Mastery of Self-Movement,” a power that the Saiyan would unlock after his fateful Spirit Bomb attack against the Universe 11 fighter, according to noted DBS translator Herms98.

While Toei Animation has not released the final details of this Sunday’s episodes, the previews that the anime firm has released so far seem to point to one thing — Dragon Ball Super would be debuting a new transformation for Goku, and it would be yet another nostalgic throwback to a classic Dragon Ball Z movie.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]