‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8 Spoilers: Catherine – McGarrett Reunion In The Works? Showrunner Teases Details

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 has recently premiered on CBS after much anticipation among fans and viewers. While there have been speculations that the eighth season will be Alex O’Loughlin’s final season, executive producer Peter M. Lenkov speaks up on a potential Steve McGarrett and Catherine Rollins aka “McRollins” reunion.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 spoilers are teasing on the possibility that McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) will reunite with his former love interest, Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov recently told Entertainment Weekly that the McRollins ‘ship is still sailing and their story is not yet over in his mind.

Lenkov was definite that Catherine will not appear on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8; however, there is still room for her return in the upcoming seasons. Lenkov explained that Catherine is “definitely still a part of our world” and while some fans may not be too fond of seeing her return to the CBS drama, the executive producer has some things in mind for her character in the show’s future.

As most fans can recall, Catherine and Steve finally had their closure when Hawaii Five-0 celebrated its 150th episode on air. During the said episode, which aired on Season 7, Catherine told McGarrett that she knew that he was going to propose.

McGarrett asked Catherine what her answer would have been and found out that she would have said yes. This raised hope among fans of the McRollins ‘ship, especially since this opens a door of possibility for the couple even though a reunion between the two will not most likely happen on H50 Season 8.

O’Loughlin, however, seems to be on the other end of the pole in terms of a McRollins reunion on Hawaii Five-0. In an earlier interview with TV Guide, O’Loughlin seemed opposed to the idea of Catherine and Steve’s reunion and said that the chapter on McGarrett and Catherine has finally closed.

“If that happens, I’ll play it the way it needs to be played, but it would seem like doing something like that would be a cry for help.”

O’Loughlin said that his character is an “idiot” if he considered taking Catherine back into his life after all that she has put him through. O’Loughlin felt that it was right for McGarrett to finally get the closure that he needed from Catherine in order for him to move on with his life and possibly consider having a relationship with someone else.

Do you think McGarrett and Catherine should reunite on Hawaii Five-0?

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