Fifth Harmony’s Security Rushes Becky G Off Stage, Mistakes Her For Crazed Fan

The recent Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred during Jason Aldean’s concert is an unfortunate reminder of the times we are living in and just how important it is for artists to have ample security at and around their concert venues.

Fifth Harmony performed in Buenos Ares, Argentina less than 24 hours after the Vegas shooting and their security team were at the top of their game. During Fifth Harmony’s performance of “All In My Head,” a girl in black sweatpants and a flag in her hand rushed the stage to approach the group. Almost immediately, a security guard cut her off and escorted her backstage, where she was met with more guards.

In a fortunate turn of events, however, the girl wasn’t a crazed fan looking to harm Fifth Harmony. She was Becky G — their opening act. Group member, Dinah Jane had had a wardrobe malfunction (off camera), so the “Mayores” hitmaker rushed to her side with the Argentina flag to help conceal it. Unfortunately, the guards cut off her kind act before she could reach Dinah, according to Billboard.

You can see a video of the incident below.

Since the fan-captured video started circulating online, some of Becky’s fans have expressed disappointment over the fact that the security didn’t recognize who Becky G was. Some extreme fans have even called for the security guard to be fired. To be fair, however, Becky had changed out of her stage clothes and was wearing dark sweats and a hoodie, so they may not have recognized her in that moment. It’s also possible that they did recognize Becky, but didn’t want her to interrupt Fifth Harmony’s set.

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Eventually, Ally Brooke, who’d just begun singing her verse, came to Becky’s rescue and got the guards to turn her loose. Once free, Becky returned to the stage and succeeded in tying the flag around Dinah’s wardrobe malfunction.

Fortunately, Becky has taken the moment all in stride. In response to a fan who asked her how she was feeling, Becky replied, “My arm kinda hurt but they just doing they job.” Becky also joked that she was Dinah Jane’s number one fan, proving that there’s no ego here. You can catch the moment below.

[Featured Image By Larry Busacca/Getty Images]