‘The Amazing Race 30’ Spoilers: ‘BB19’s Jessica And Cody Spotted In New Location As ‘TAR30’ Continues [Photos]

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson of Big Brother 19 fame left on a whirlwind adventure just days ago after being cast on Season 30 of The Amazing Race. The couple, dubbed “Jody” by their fellow BB19 cast members and fans of the show, was spotted in New York City on Sunday as they prepared to take off on their trek around the world. Since then, fans have been leaking spoilers that reveal where Jessica and Cody have been and some of the challenges they are facing in TAR30.

Initial reports had the couple accompanied by TAR30 production crew and the rest of The Amazing Race teams in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Monday at around noon, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. According to fan leaks and spoilers, Jessica and Cody were required to answer some questions asked of them by a female athlete named Katherine. They were not allowed to continue the race until they answered the questions correctly.

After eventually getting the questions right, Jessica and Cody had to drink shots of what appeared to be an oily substance that was anything but enjoyable. Once they downed the shots, they were able to move on in the race and head to the next leg.

This task also led fans to surmise that Jessica and Cody may be leading TAR30 and currently be in first place. This is because onlookers did not see any other teams attempt the task ahead of the Big Brother 19 couple.

On Wednesday, social media accounts, presumably set up just to follow Jessica and Cody while they take part in The Amazing Race 30, posted new information about their latest location.

Two images of the couple popped up on Instagram, one of which shows them sitting in what appears to be an airport. According to the photo’s caption, Jessica and Cody are in Amsterdam.

A second picture is a selfie taken by what appears to be a fan standing between Jessica and Cody, but there is no indication from the photo itself where the image was taken. Again, the photo is captioned with the same information that notes the BB19 pair are in Amsterdam as they continue in TAR30.

A Twitter account dedicated to all things Jessica and Cody during their Amazing Race adventure also posted an image of the two sitting in an airport, but the message that accompanies the photo indicates they are waiting to leave for Amsterdam.

Whatever the case may be, Jessica and Cody are probably doing well along the race, as Cody is a strong physical competitor and Jessica seems to be adept at mental challenges. It is unclear what type of challenge they must undertake during this leg of the race.

Nevertheless, one Twitter user tweeted just hours ago that the couple had made it to “leg 3” of The Amazing Race.

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[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]

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