Jenelle Evans' Friend Ryan Dolph Getting Close To Barbara, Threatens To Dish Her Secrets For Money

Mary Jane

Jenelle Evans just got married last weekend, and it sounds like she wants everyone to know that it was the best day. She had her children there, she had her friends in attendance, and she got her beloved Olive Garden to cater the wedding. However, she has revealed that none of her family was present, including her mother, Barbara. Her mother has revealed that she was devastated to learn that she wasn't on the guest list, especially since the courts had decided their custody agreement. She could no longer keep Jace from her, and she thought it was a good arrangement.

However, it sounds like not all of Jenelle's friends were present. Her old friend Ryan Dolph didn't tweet that he was going to the wedding. Instead, he slammed his former friend on Twitter, revealing that he was getting friendly with Barbara. Based on Jenelle's relationship with her mother, it sounds like he has chosen his side. According to a new tweet, Ryan Dolph is now revealing that she is devastated to have lost her daughter.

"Talking to Barb like no time has passed. Mad to hear the sadness in her voice because some 'man's' ruining things for her #RealTalk," Ryan revealed on social media recently, sharing that he was sad to hear how devastated she was for losing her daughter to David Eason.

"Want to know what truth looks like? I'll show you. We'll see who the "lucky idiot" is when all is said and done," Ryan recently revealed about his friend, adding about David Eason, "You think you run s**t Jenelle, get the f**k over yourself, MTV has blown up my phone wanting me to release our conversations & I didn't because I didn't want you to have to deal with David. You knew I would have your back, but you got my loyalty twisted."

It sounds like he's willing to give his side of the story to the highest bidder. Perhaps he has some secrets about her life that she would hate to see exposed.

What do you think of Ryal Dolph getting close to Jenelle Evans' mother, given they used to be good friends?

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