Mike Glennon’s Struggles Forced The Chicago Bears To Turn To Mitch Trubisky

The Mitch Trubisky era has begun with the Chicago Bears. Trubisky takes over as the Bears’ starting quarterback in place of Mike Glennon. Trubisky will make his first career start when the Chicago Bears host the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

On Monday morning it was revealed that the Bears were opting to start their prized rookie quarterback, according to the Chicago Tribune. Mike Glennon will serve as the backup quarterback for the foreseeable future.

The Bears naming Mitch Trubisky the starter at quarterback is a move many expect after a horrendous showing by Glennon against the Green Bay Packers.

Versus the Packers, Bears’ QB Mike Glennon was credited for four turnovers. Two of his giveaways were poorly thrown passes for interceptions. Another one of Glennon’s turnovers was a strip sack. It was during the Bears’ first offensive play of the game.

The Packers would go on to defeat the Bears 35-14, leaving Bears’ fans clamoring for change. That change comes in the form of Mitch Trubisky.

An idea of change did not come easy. Mike Glennon had a couple of performances which were good enough to keep the Chicago Bears in games. Glennon’s lone win came against a strong Pittsburgh Steelers’ team. The Bears defeated the Steelers in spite of only throwing for 101 passing yards.

Mitch Trubisky sits surrounded by Chicago Bears’ teammates.
Calls for Mitch Trubisky grew louder as Mike Glennon struggled. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

In the Steelers’ game, Glennon helped put the Bears in position to win by managing the offense. However, it was the fact that Glennon targeted his wide receivers only four times during the win, which may have made his seat hotter.

Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Kendall Wright became a favorite target for Mike Glennon versus the Green Bay Packers. Wright caught five passes, mostly on short slant routes from the slot receiver spot.

The Bears, who knew they would be challenged in the vertical passing game, needs more production and quicker progressions. Glennon was touted as a smart quarterback. How he handled the speed of the game is what ultimately doomed him, leading to his struggles. The Bears turn to Mitch Trubisky to be their starter as the end result.

In his four games with the Bears, Mike Glennon has had some positives. Glennon threw for 833 yards, which is a remarkable statistic given the fact that the Bears lost their top two wide receivers to season-ending injuries.

Not having many targets he trusts, Mike Glennon forced several passes. As a result, he has five interceptions versus four touchdowns in his four games as the Bears’ starting quarterback. He has a passer rating of 76.9. Glennon’s time as the Bears’ QB is short-lived.

The Chicago Bears will move forward with Mitch Trubisky as their starting quarterback much earlier than they prefer.

By naming Trubisky the starter, the Bears make Glennon the most expensive backup quarterback in the NFL. It is not the scenario the Bears envisioned during the offseason.

From the moment the Bears traded up one spot to take Mitch Trubisky in last April’s NFL draft, it was a question of when will he play? Ideally, the Chicago Bears’ coaching staff and front office were hoping that Trubisky could learn from the sidelines. Glennon’s poor play over the first four games of the season expedited the process.

Chicago Bears’ rookie quarterback, Mitch Trubisky is sure to experience some growing pains. The good news is Trubisky gets to learn on the fly. Trubisky will receive help from his Bears’ teammates. This includes Mike Glennon, who took his demotion with the Bears in stride, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Obviously, not what I wanted, not what I hoped for, but I still have a big role on this team. I’m still a captain of this football team. I’m going to handle it like a pro.”

Mike Glennon’s professionalism after being benched by the Chicago Bears is admirable.

Sitting, watching the Chicago Bears host the Minnesota Vikings from the sidelines may afford Glennon the opportunity to work out his mistakes. He can learn how to run the offense from the bench.

Mike Glennon is one horrible situation from returning as the Chicago Bears’ starting quarterback. He will need to be confident.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]