Luann de Lesseps Helping Relief Efforts In Florida As Part Of Divorce Recovery?

Luann de Lesseps has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of weeks. She has attended a few events, but she has primarily been making headlines about her divorce, about Thomas D’Agostino moving on, and about how she’s spending time with her family. She traveled to Switzerland right after filing for divorce, but it sounds like she wants to do something else to move forward with her life. With everything that has happened in her life, it sounds like Luann wants to change the headlines about her in the press, and there’s no better way than to help those in need.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps revealed that she’s spending some time in Florida to help those still in need. It has been weeks since Hurricane Irma tore through Florida, and there are still many people in need. To help out, Luann decided to go back to the state where she got married to Thomas D’Agostino less than a year ago.

“Helping in any way that I can. You can help too. There is so much-still needs to be done in #Florida #Houston #PuertoRico #LasVegas #help,” Luann de Lesseps revealed on social media, sharing a video of her being in Florida in the hardest-hit areas to offer assistance with the Red Cross.

It is possible that Luann de Lesseps is helping out because she has the spare time to help. In her Instagram post, Luann also made references to other places that need help, including Puerto Rico. Her Real Housewives of New York co-star Bethenny Frankel has been sending private planes to Puerto Rico, but de Lesseps is choosing to focus on the damage in the United States. In her Instagram video, Luann reveals she’s with the Red Cross, bringing food to people in need.

It is also possible that she’s helping people in need as part of her divorce recovery. She has revealed that she’s devastated that her marriage didn’t work out and is sad that Thomas is making headlines by hanging out with other women already. Maybe helping other people is her way of moving on without focusing on dating other men.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps’ decision to spend her time helping other people? Are you surprised that she’s back in Florida, where her romance with Thomas played out for over a year?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]