Sex Change Regret: Transgender Reversal Surgery On The Rise

Gender reassignment surgery has been available for almost two decades. It is a treatment option for those experiencing gender dysphoria, a condition in which a person believes their birth-assigned gender doesn’t match up with their gender identity.

According to Independent, gender identity clinics are in place to provide support to those feeling distressed by the condition. However, what happens when a transgender person goes through with surgery and later decides they made a huge mistake and wanted to go back to their original gender.

Dr. Misoslav Djordjevic in Serbia has performed several transgender reversals over the last five years. He’s a genial reconstruction specialist with over 20 years of experience. He developed an innovative procedure after a transgender patient who had undergone surgery to remove male genitalia requested to go back to their birth-assigned gender.

While the surgery is not common yet, Djordjevic shared that he noticed more people are coming to him to help them reverse their sex change. So far, the doctor has performed 14 surgery to date. However, Djordjevic stated that he is working with two patients that are almost ready for the operation.

The procedure to reversal transgender surgery is not easy and is incredibly involved. The surgery cost about $22,000. Djordjevic requires the patients to undergo a full year of counseling and stresses the importance of post-surgery care. He remains in contact with his patients for up to five years after the surgery.


Djordjevic explained it isn’t always a case of regretting the decision to change their sex. Many transgender people face surgical complications, family rejection, or face transphobic harassment. The doctor added that when a patient comes to him indicating they regret changing their sex, it is more important than ever that they undergo counseling services to work out their feelings before going under the knife again to change their sex back to original gender.

So far, Djordjevic has only treated transgender females who want to go back to their male genitalia. The procedure is known as phalloplasty in which the construction of a penis from skin taken from the groin, abdomen or thigh. It’s a risky surgery, and the penis may not be “fully-functioning.”

According to Stuff, Djordjevic believes that the reason so many want to return to their original sex is because doctors are not adequately screening transgender people before the sex change operation. He noted many of his patients claim that the physician only wanted to know if they had the money to pay and never required any counseling sessions.

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