WWE Rumors: Sister Abigail’s Identity Revealed After Bray Wyatt Introduced Her On ‘Monday Night Raw’

For many years, Bray Wyatt has talked about the mysterious Sister Abigail and even named his finishing move after her, but it wasn’t until last night that it seemed he was ready for her WWE introduction. As he spoke to Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw, Wyatt’s creepy promo spoke of her being “alive” and coming to meet the members of Balor Club. Well, not only may the fans see her soon, but we may already know who she is.

It was quite a creepy promo as Balor stood in the ring while Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron to speak to him and all the members of Balor Club. Wyatt moved back and forth in his rocking chair and spoke of how Balor is a demon at heart and wanted to see “The Demon” come back once more.

Once Balor brought back “The Demon,” Wyatt said he would reveal his true self as reported by the official website of WWE. It was at that point that Bray said “Abigail is alive,” despite Randy Orton burning down the Wyatt compound earlier this year, and she wants to meet Balor.

While fans await the much-anticipated debut of Sister Abigail, her true identity might have been revealed, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Not long after the segment on Monday Night Raw which saw Bray Wyatt almost “transform” in front of Finn Balor, NXT superstar Sage Beckett made this ominous tweet. It may end up being nothing, but it certainly is ironic that she made this post right after it was revealed that Sister Abigail had not been burned up by Randy Orton’s actions.

Beckett has been with WWE since January, and she competed in the Mae Young Classic, as well, but Bianca Blair eliminated her in the first round. She used to compete in TNA Impact Wrestling as Rosie Lottalove before signing with WWE.

Again, this is all speculation at this point based off of Wyatt’s promo and Sage’s tweet, but it is interesting.

All signs are pointing to Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor having yet another match, and it will likely take place at TLC next month. As WWE heads toward that bout, it seems they wanted to shake things up a bit and bring in a new face. While a reunion of The Wyatt Family doesn’t seem feasible or possible right now, Sister Abigail’s long-awaited debut does appear to be on the horizon, and she is heading to Raw soon.

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