Kylie Jenner: Why Sister, Kendall, Thinks Travis Scott Won’t Be Good Parent To ‘KUWTK’ Baby

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Kylie Jenner has been rocked by comments from her sister, Kendall, insisting that she doesn’t believe Travis Scott will make a good parent, it’s been alleged.

The reality star, who is said to be four months into her pregnancy, is said to be enjoying the process of gearing up to birth her baby girl, and despite what reports may have claimed in recent weeks, Travis Scott has been by Kylie’s side the whole time.

In fact, the rapper has even cleared most of his touring plans next year so that he can spend quality time with Kylie Jenner and his baby girl, having already pampered the 20-year-old with maternity clothes and other gifts.

But even that isn’t enough to convince Kendall that Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend is ready to become a father.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that the 21-year-old simply doesn’t get the vibe that Travis is fully committed to becoming a father at the young age of 25.

With his rap career skyrocketing in the past year, it seems rather strange that he would use this time to even consider becoming a father.

In Kendall Jenner’s own opinion, she knows that Kylie will cherish and be the best mother she can to her baby, but as far as Travis is concerned, the supermodel fears that it could all turn left once the little girl has arrived.

What’s even more bizarre to Kendall is that she has known Scott for several years and never did he mention the thought of having a baby in the near future, giving the impression that impregnating Kylie may have been unplanned.

So, with that in mind, Kylie’s older sister is strongly under the impression that the rap artist may just be going with what he thinks is the right thing to do simply because of the fact that he’ll become a father in just a few months time.

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Kendall certainly seems worried for her sister, Kylie Jenner, having made it known that even she won’t be able to help her sibling raise her child since the 21-year-old is strictly focused on her modeling career.

Do you think Kylie Jenner should be worried?

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