President Trump Vs. NFL: Odds Trump Will Attend Super Bowl Or NFL Player Is Fired For National Anthem Protest

President Trump vs NFL odds will trump attend super bowl

Will President Donald Trump attend the Super Bowl in 2018 or will an NFL player be fired for a National Anthem protest first? The ongoing protests have led to a lot of controversy and even a decline in NFL viewers. The President has also made at least a few mentions about the situation and his feelings about athletes who don’t stand for the National Anthem. A recent set of betting odds involving Trump versus the NFL has been released that gives bettors the options to vote on a variety of choices involving football games, player protests, the National Anthem, and other novelty bets.

The Irish sportsbook Paddy Power has published the latest betting odds involving the Super Bowl, National Anthem, NFL teams, players, and Donald Trump. The novelty odds referred to as “Trump NFL specials,” currently offer seven different choices ranging from most likely to happen to least likely. At the top of the list of most likely to happen is the option that both Super Bowl teams will have at least one player kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. The odds of this happening are 2 to 5, and based on what’s been happening prior to NFL games, it certainly seems likely to continue through the big game.

San Francisco 49ers players kneel during National Anthem

Below are all of the available betting options involving President Trump and the NFL National Anthem protests.

2018 Trump NFL novelty odds:

  • Both Super Bowl teams have a player kneel during the National Anthem (2 to 5)
  • Trump attends the next Super Bowl (4 to 1)
  • Trump attends an NFL game this season (8 to 1)
  • An NFL Player is fired for National Anthem Protest (33 to 1)
  • The National Anthem will be removed from NFL game schedules this season (66 to 1)
  • Trump confirms purchase of NFL or NBA franchise before 2020 (66 to 1)
  • National Anthem isn’t performed at next Super Bowl (100 to 1)

There has been a lot of controversy and public outrage over the pre-game actions of various NFL stars. Some people believe that the players have the right to protest in this manner, while others believe it to be a blatant disrespect shown towards the American Flag. Over a week ago, The Atlantic and other websites reported on Trump’s speech at an event in Huntsville, Alabama in which he suggested a player should be fired for protesting during the National Anthem. As seen in the listing above, the odds that this will happen are currently 33 to 1.

There have also been the reported instances of players deciding to not visit the White House due to Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office. Among the most recent reports were those involving the Golden State Warriors and their two-time MVP Stephen Curry who Trump even tweeted about saying the invitation had been rescinded. It resulted in fellow NBA star LeBron James firing back at President Trump on Twitter calling him a “bum.”

That’s what makes the odds of 66 to 1 on one of the Trump novelty betting options intriguing. These are the odds that Trump will confirm the purchase of either an NBA or NFL franchise before the year 2020. By doing so, he could effectively try to set his own standard for how he feels players and the team need to conduct themselves. However, this would seem like a longshot, just as the odds the National Anthem won’t take place before next year’s Super Bowl. Those odds are currently listed at 100 to 1.

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