‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah And Bam Bam Reportedly Leave Mom Ami Alone To Die

alaskan bush people star ami's sons have fled their mother's side

Alaskan Bush People stars Noah and Bam Bam have left their mother’s side and are enjoying life touring around the country, even as their mother lay dying of Stage IV lung cancer, In Touch Weekly is reporting.

Ami Brown’s battle with lung cancer has been well-documented in the media, and it appears that the 53-year-old will be succumbing to her illness any day now. Meanwhile, fans, and haters, of the show have noticed that Noah and Joshua (“Bam Bam”) have been anywhere but their mother’s California hospital room.

A fan snapped a photo of a man who appears to be Bam Bam, posing for a selfie reportedly shot at a convenience store in Cortez, Colorado. The photo has since been uploaded to the Alaskan Bush People anti-fan site “Alaskan Bush People: Exposed,” which purports to expose the show as fake.

If that’s really Bam Bam, and it was really shot in Colorado in recent days, that puts him hundreds of miles from his mother’s deathbed.

In another photo uploaded to the anti-fan site, a man appearing to be Noah was spotted in Montana with a woman resembling Noah’s girlfriend, Rhain.

If the two men were truly spotted several states away from their dying mother, that raises some unpleasant possibilities. Either the men are ignoring their dying mother even as she takes her final breaths, or Ami Brown’s illness is being overstated or, even worse, completely made up for the sake of drama.

That there is a website devoted to “exposing” Alaskan Bush People speaks to just how much some viewers are convinced the show is fake. According to some viewers, the show is no less scripted than The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family.

And in fact, Discovery has, in the past, aired “reality” TV shows which bore little resemblance to reality, such as Amish Mafia, which Snopes debunked as being anything but a reality series. Other “reality” TV shows are, at the very least, creatively edited and use scripted re-creations of things that took place off-camera, as Jacob Roloff alleges was done with Little People, Big World.

So either one of two things is happening, and neither of them bode well for fans of Alaskan Bush People: either Ami Brown’s sons are ignoring their dying mother, or she’s not nearly as sick as she is being made out to be.

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