Joy-Anna Duggar Thinks Austin Forsyth Will Help Her Cook, But He Expects Her To Do It All

Joy-Anna Duggar Thinks Austin Forsyth Will Cook, He Disagrees

Joy-Anna Duggar would like for her husband to help out in the kitchen, but Austin Forsyth isn’t too keen on cooking.

In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Counting On, Joy-Anna and Austin play a game that tests just how well they know each other. As reported by People, the couple decided to have a joint bachelor-bachelorette party ahead of their May 26 wedding date. They invited a large group of friends and family members to join them on a camping trip, where Joy-Anna discovered that she’d be expected to roast all of Austin’s weenies and toast all of his marshmallows after they tied the knot.

Before Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth crawled into their separate hammocks and called it a night, they entertained their guests by playing “the shoe game.” The lovebirds sat back-to-back with everyone circled around them, and they both held a shoe in each hand. One shoe belonged to its holder, and the other belonged to the holder’s significant other. Joy-Anna and Austin were asked a series of questions by a Duggar family friend, and they used the shoes to answer them.

“You’re asked a question,” Austin explained. ‘It if applies to you, then you raise your shoe. And if it applies to your partner, you raise their shoe.”

After a few softball questions that didn’t require much thought, Joy-Anna and Austin were asked who would be doing all the cooking after they got married. At first, they both held up Joy-Anna’s ballet flat. However, after contemplating the question for a moment, Joy-Anna also raised Austin’s flip-flop up over her head.

Her action made everyone laugh, and Jeremiah Duggar later told the Counting On cameras that he thought it was the “funniest answer.”

“I think the funniest answer I saw was whenever they were trying to figure out who would be doing the cooking in the house. Austin raised Joy, Joy raised both of them.”

The idea of Joy-Anna and Austin both doing the cooking likely made everyone crack up because the Duggars and most of those in their circle of friends believe that this is women’s work. In the Duggars’ fundamentalist Christian culture, women are expected to be homemakers, while men are expected to be providers. According to Patheos, the Duggar daughters prepare for their predetermined futures by caring for their younger siblings until they get married and move out of their parents’ house. This means that Joy-Anna was tasked with cooking large amounts of food long before she had her own kitchen to cook in.

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As reported by the Duggar Family Blog, Austin Forsyth’s mother also helped Joy-Anna get ready for her new role as a housewife by teaching her how to make cheesecake, Austin’s favorite dessert. Joy-Anna has admitted that it’s been difficult to adjust to preparing smaller portions of food after spending years cooking massive meals, so she likely felt odd putting just one cheesecake in the oven.

While Joy-Anna Duggar has plenty of experience in the kitchen, she has said that she’s the worst cook in her family. This may be why she thinks Austin Forsyth will eventually rethink his views on gender roles and start spending more time in front of the stove.

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