‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Rumor: Negan’s Worst Nightmare Comes True, Lucille Goes Up In Flames [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 8 filming is underway and fans are excited. Along with confirmed spoilers, there are also rumors. The latest is that Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) worst nightmare comes true. It is reported that his beloved barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille, goes up in flames.

TWD spoilers and rumors are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to risk finding out what could happen when the series returns to AMC.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, there is an unconfirmed rumor about Lucille being destroyed. Everyone knows how much Negan loves his baseball bat. He totes it around everywhere he goes and even the name Lucille has a special significance.

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers reveal that “All-Out War” will have Negan actually meeting his match. At first, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) gave in to Negan’s threats. However, the compromise did nothing to make the lives of Alexandrians easier. In fact, it was fear and terror at every turn. It is time for Rick to stand up and fight. That is exactly what he is going to do.

It was not revealed who sets fire to Lucille, but it sounds like something Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) would do. It was previously teased that Daryl will go rogue and have his own mission. He is determined to get revenge and get back his belongings. To get payback, it sounds like Daryl will steal Lucille and cause the baseball bat to go up in flames.

It will be a devastating moment for Negan. The shock he will feel will be intense. It could also cause him to go into a rage. What kind of consequences will Alexandria suffer due to the blazing bat?

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers also hint that Negan might have some trouble with the Saviors. There is already one that has switched sides. However, could Dwight (Austin Amelio) convince the others to help Alexandria, too? At one point, Simon (Steven Ogg) is trying to rally up the army and help Negan. Time will only tell if he is successful or not.

You can trust Simon — he’ll sort out all your problems. Season 8 premieres October 22. #TWD

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What do you think of The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers that have been released? Are you looking forward to seeing Negan’s bat go up in flames?

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