Javi Marroquin And Briana DeJesus: Fans Think They Would Be A Perfect Match Due To Dreams Of A Family

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin spent last week in Florida with Isaac and Lincoln as they traveled to Disney World to spend some quality time together. Javi announced that he was excited about the trip, because he may not get to see Isaac as much these days, as he is the stepfather to him. However, a week alone with the boys in Florida proved to be a success, as they all had a blast.

On Instagram, Marroquin revealed that they had fun, but he never talked about how he also made time for Briana DeJesus, her two daughters, and Briana’s sister, Brittany DeJesus. Many fans had suspected that he would see them while in Florida, but he hasn’t said much about until now. On social media, Javi revealed he had a great time with Briana and Brittany last week, saying the days were long but pointed out that he had been with amazing people.

According to the new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin is now fueling rumors that he and Briana may be getting close. In this particular post, he’s calling her amazing and he even said that their kids get along. He brought Isaac and Lincoln with him and they got to play with Nova and Stella. Both reality stars put their family first, so it makes sense they brought the kids along.

Javi Marroquin had been somewhat silent about whether he had seen Briana during his Florida trip, but now that he has made it official on Instagram, people have plenty of comments about them dating. Of course, Javi and Briana are not an official couple and both have said that dating is possible in the future. For now, they are focusing on their kids. However, it’s hard to deny that family values are important for them both, which is why many fans believe they would make a great couple.

“Think it would be a good match… all Briana wants is a family, and so does Javi… gotta say I would be a bit jealous if it happened, lol,” one fan wrote on Javi’s Instagram photo, revealing that they would be such a good fit together that this fan would be jealous.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin finally revealing that they spent time together in Florida? Do you think their focus on family is a good reason why they should start a relationship?

[Featured Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]