‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt Raises Brother Will After Katie Cuts Bill Out Of Her Life?

B&B Katie and Wyatt

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise twisted family drama to come for the intertwined Spencer-Logan families. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is neck deep in a secret relationship with his former stepmom Katie (Heather Tom). To further complicate things, his half-brother Will could become his stepson if Wyatt and Katie get married. There’s also Bill (Don Diamont) to consider – and how outraged he’ll be when the news about Wyatt and Katie comes out. If things get explosive, Wyatt might wind up raising his brother as his son. Take a look at this twisted storyline.

Katie disgusted with Bill – will she cut him out?

When Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) finally confessed Bill’s arson to Katie, both women were devastated. Katie was sickened by Bill’s action that could have killed someone. Katie cried out the confession to Wyatt who went to confront his brother Liam (Scott Clifton) and his dad Bill. Wyatt wants to remain loyal to Bill but will side with Katie if she decides that Bill can’t be part of her life anymore. Wyatt has fallen hard for Katie and what she decides will influence his actions.

Can Katie let an arsonist raise her precious son Will? Katie has put up with a lot from Bill over the years. Most recently, he dumped her and handed her a quickie divorce so he could marry her sister. Still, Katie has forgiven Bill enough to let him into her life and home so he could maintain his relationship with their son Will. But is Bill’s arson the straw that broke the camel’s back? Will Katie finally kick Bill out of her life for good? If Bill could burn down a building, risking hundreds of lives, he’s got no limits or ethics.

Wyatt caught between father, brother – and lover

Wyatt is caught between loyalty to his father, affection for his brother – and his blossoming feelings for Katie. Liam offered Wyatt a seat at the table and invited Wyatt to join him in running Spencer Publications now that Bill was kicked to the curb. B&B spoilers from Soaps She Knows for this week say that Wyatt is loyal to Bill, but then by the end of the week, Wyatt tells Katie that he’s caught between his brother and his father. Whose side will he take? Spoilers hint he’ll choose his woman over his troubled dad.

Given Katie’s anger at Bill, it’s possible she could refuse to let him see Will because of his recent criminal actions. Bill will have his hands tied because Katie knows he burned down Spectra Fashions. If Bill tries to fight her over custody of Will, Katie could expose him and send Bill to prison and then he definitely won’t be able to see his son while he’s in an orange jumpsuit doing time. Bill could lose everything because of his greed and obsession with his skyscraper. He’s lost Brooke and now might lose custody of his son Will and the loyalty of another son, Wyatt. How far can Bill fall?

Wyatt will do what Katie wants

Bold fans have watched poor Wyatt and his heartaches over the past few years. He’s lost other women to Liam before, but now he has to see Liam and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) happily hitched while he was crushed. His romance with Katie is all-important and if it comes down to choosing Katie and cutting Bill out of their lives, he’ll do it. Wyatt wants a happy ending and if Katie says Bill needs to go, then Wyatt will support her decision.

Spoilers from Soap Central promise that Wyatt shares his concerns with Katie this week about the Spencer family’s future. Katie also sees trouble ahead and has some big decisions to make where her son Will is concerned. With Bill hitting rock bottom and resorting to criminal schemes to advance his greed, Katie must decide if that’s an influence she can allow in Will’s life. We’ll find out soon what Katie decides and whether Wyatt will be left to raise his half-brother as his step-son if she kicks Bill out of their lives. Stay tuned for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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