White Woman Becomes Black For Brazilian Television, Unbelievably To Act Out Black Male ‘Sexual Fantasy’

A white woman darkened her skin and donned an afro wig for a Brazilian television program in order to fictionally act out a sexual fantasy about black men.

The dramatic transformation took place before December 21 and was part of a so-called parody called “Como aproveitar o fim do mundo” (“How to enjoy the end of the world”), which aired on Globo TV on November 29.

The woman in question, Aline Moraes, is an actress who regularly appears in a series on the Globo TV network.

After artificially darkening her skin and putting on a wig, the plot shows the sketch’s character “Katia” hell-bent on fulfilling her “last desire” to sleep with a black man before the Mayan apocalypse, Indiewire reports.

Globo TV, who reportedly sometimes demonstrate a questionable approach to racial stereotyping, promoted the program on their website, writing:

“Do you recognize the girl in the photo above? It is Aline Moraes characterized for the TV program ‘Como aproveitar o fim do mundo’ (How to enjoy the end of the world).”

The program description continued:

“In the episode, Kátia, her character in the Alexandre Machado and Fernanda Young–written series, remembers that one of the main items on her list of last wishes is to sleep with a black man and an oriental man. To do this, she needs to adapt herself to the taste of the candidate who she will try to take to bed.”

A segment of the program that aired can be seen here. Do you think the program was a useful parody, or was it a spectacularly, unfunny bad idea? Sound off below.