‘Men In Black’ Returns In 2019, Spin-Off Won’t Feature Will Smith Or Tommy Lee Jones

Men In Black actor Will Smith

Sony revealed the next installment of the Men in Black franchise has been scheduled for a May 17, 2019 release date. The film has no title yet, but Transformers: The Last Knight and Iron Man writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum developed the script. Unfortunately, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, the original Men in Black characters, are not expected to appear in the spinoff.

While Smith and Jones will be missed, Sony revealed the story will exist in the same universe established in the previous Men in Black films. The story will focus on a more global scale, and it involves a secret organization which protects the earth from villainous aliens in the universe. Following this contemporary spin, the story’s highlight will be on new Men in Black characters who are chasing extraterrestrial scums.

The Men in Black spinoff aspires to replicate the Jurassic World reboot. Steven Spielberg serves as the film’s executive producer while Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes produced the film. As of writing, the movie has no director yet, although there are active talks with potential candidates.

The announcement of the spinoff came as a surprise since it is an entirely different project as the rumored mashup between 21 Jump Street and Men in Black. Prior rumors revealed 21 Jump Street stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will play the role of the men in black suits. There were reports that Sony already scrapped the idea of a mashup as it was too complicated. However, newest reports reveal the idea is still in development, although the new Men in Black spinoff will be prioritized.

As for what fans can look forward to in the Men in Black spinoff, Parkes revealed the writers created a film which stays true to the franchise’s core.

“It’s so rare to get to the end of the script and know you’re holding a movie in your hands, but Art and Matt have written a spinoff that somehow is true to the core of the MiB world and yet expands the franchise to a fresh new place.”

The first Men in Black movie was released back in 1997 followed by MIB 2 in 2002. The last Men in Black movie was released on 2012, the film focused on Boris the Animal’s revenge on Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). The alien changed the course of history by killing the younger version of Agent K. Agent J (Will Smith) had to travel back in time to save the young Agent K from dying.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]