‘GH’ Spoilers For Oct. 2-6: Twin Drama Escalates, Jason Wants Answers, Patient 6 Headed To PC

GH spoilers for the week of October 2 promise a major shakeup in Port Charles. Ava wavered when she had to choose between her future and Patient 6, but she will have a change of heart. Ava will be instrumental in Patient 6’s escape. Being in a foreign country where she is under suspicion will be hard for Ava, but someone will come to her rescue.

Meanwhile, Jason will finally wake up from his coma. He knows Franco has been desperate about wanting to talk to him, but it seems like Franco will keep secrets from Jason, which will only make him more curious.

Escape Plan

GH spoilers for the week of October 2 promises excitement in Russia and in Port Charles. Patient 6 (Steve Burton) will escape from the clinic, and he might be headed to Port Charles soon. GH spoilers tease that he will find one person who is willing to help him make a call and return to home. When Patient 6 gets away, Ava will pretend she had nothing to do with it. However, Dr. Klein will realize she helped their captive escape.

Later next week, GH spoilers tease that Ava will be surprised. From the looks of it, Griffin won’t be able to stand still in Port Charles, and he will fly all the way to Russia to see Ava. Griffin needs to explain a lot of things to Ava, but GH spoilers tease he will skirt around the truth.

Jason Finally Wakes Up

Jason finally opened his eyes, and GH spoilers reveal his family and friends are in a jovial mood. Franco will not waste any time, and he will pay a visit to the hospital. Jason heard Franco was desperate to see him, and he is wondering why Franco desperately needed to talk to him.

GH spoilers tease Franco will pretend he did not discover anything of significance. However, Jason won’t let things go easily. He will try to figure out what Franco thought was so urgent while he was in a coma. Jason and Sam will have some celebrating to do, but their happiness might not last long. Franco’s questions will prod Jason to action, and it’s just a matter of time before Patient 6 returns to Port Charles. “JaSam” will have another crisis to deal with soon. GH spoilers tease the Jason and Drew saga will last for months, and Sam is in for a more difficult time.

Valentin Receives an Ominous Call

GH spoilers tease Valentin will focus on turning over a new leaf. He wants to leave the past behind, but it seems like the past will continue to haunt him. GH spoilers for next week indicate that he will receive a phone call. This might have something to do with Patient 6, or it could involve Nikolas Cassadine’s old foe. GH spoilers tease someone who has a grudge against Nikolas will surface, and this person might want something from Valentin too.

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