Syrian Airstrike Kills Dozens Of People Who Were Trying To Buy Bread

Airstrikes ordered by the Syrian government killed dozens of people on Sunday as they waited in line to purchase loaves of bread.

The attack on Halfaya in central Syria centered around the same area that was seized last week by Syrian rebels. Once confirmed, the strike will be one of the most deadly since the Syrian civil war broke out.

Videos began to show up online following the attack, and, in those videos, bloodied corpses were seen among piles of rubble and fragments of shrapnel. In one of the most shocking images, a small boy was see laying in the street with both of his feet ripped from his body following the blast.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated 60 people were killed in the government sanctioned bombing while other estimates have placed that number closer to 90.

As Syrian forces continue to fight back against the rising power of rebels in the area, more than 44,000 people have been killed in just over 21 months time. Nearly 100 people are being killed in Syria each day including more than 180 deaths on Sunday.

Speaking of rebel forces attempts at toppling the current regime Syrian Information Minister Umran Ahid al-Za’bi said:

“These military efforts to try to topple the government, of getting rid of the president, of occupying the capital … Forget about this.

“I have general advice to those political powers that reject dialogue: time is getting short. Hurry and move on to working on a political solution.”

In the meantime, a bread shortage has sent upwards of 1,000 people into long street lines to wait for food. As those lines continue to increase in size, the chances of further deaths resulting from Syrian government bombing increase.

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