‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Episode 2 Spoilers: Leonard’s Job Trouble, Bernadette’s Pregnancy Problems

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 2 spoilers are starting to trickle in, and it looks like next week’s episode, “The Retraction Reaction,” will be focusing on job troubles for Leonard and at least one pregnancy gag involving Bernadette.

WARNING: the remainder of this articles contains open spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 11 of TBBT. Continue reading only if you are prepared to have plot points from these two episodes given away.

Leonard’s Embarrassing Interview

As International Business Times reported, Leonard will give a radio interview that goes horribly wrong. It’s not clear, what, specifically, he will say or do, but it appears that the interview will upset the university where he works (California Institute of Technology, or Caltech); may jeopardize his job; and will even upset the entire physics community.

To understand how and why the interview goes so wrong for Leonard, it helps to remember a major story arc from Season 10. You may remember that Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard all worked on a top-secret government project that brought them “substantial” funding. With that project completed, the three are back at work, and it appears as if Sheldon and Leonard are trying to secure funding for another big project.

In fact, this wouldn’t be the first time a disastrous radio interview has been a part of an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

In the Season 7, Episode “The Discovery Dissipation,” Leonard and Sheldon gave an interview with National Public Radio (NPR). However, Leonard and Sheldon couldn’t get along during the interview, causing Penny to create a drinking game: she or Amy would drink every time one of the men said something stupid.

Bernadette’s Pregnancy Gag

You may remember that, at the beginning of Season 11, Episode 1, “The Proposal Proposal,” Bernadette learned she was pregnant at about the same time Amy was saying “Yes” to Sheldon’s proposal. The final scene of the episode was captioned “three months later,” and Bernadette was (and is) visibly pregnant.

However, Sheldon, in his zeal to learn from his mistakes, cautiously dances around Bernadette’s pregnancy and, in one gag, also manages to get in a zing at Penny’s much-laughed-at alcohol problem.

Expect plenty more pregnancy jokes for the remainder of this season.

The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 2 airs Monday, October 2 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

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