Jana Duggar May Not Be In A Relationship, But She Is Courting Her Garden, Gets Praises From Sister Jessa

The love life of Jana Duggar seems to be a top priority for dedicated Counting On fans. Every time she is seen in the presence of a guy who is not a family member, rumors start flying about whether they are courting or not. Those rumors have been shot down, so it looks like the reality star is still single. However, she seems to be okay with it all. She has her gardening to keep her busy until the time comes when she will be sharing her plant expertise with her future husband.

There has been so much media attention aimed at Jana Duggar since she is older than her younger wedded sisters. Many people on social media have felt sorry for her, with many thinking that her life is a Cinderella story but without her prince charming. While she doesn't appear to have anyone she is courting right now, the 27-year-old Counting On star has enough to keep her busy.

According to a Facebook post put out by sister Jessa Seewald, Jana is the wonder woman of plants, gardening, and building things. She is praised by her younger sibling, and there are photos to prove what an amazing green thumb she has.

"Jana-- this gal is amazing. Gardener, plant lady, and builder of all things."
As seen in previous episodes of Counting On, the elder Duggar daughter loves to take on tasks that include planning out her own unique ideas and then proceeding to build them, with a little help from her brothers. There is also her treasured garden that her family boasts so proudly about. According to the Duggar Family Blog, Jana has planted corn, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, and quite a few more yummy veggies.

She has been deemed the Joanna Gaines of the Duggar family. Many fans have even commented that she should have her own show similar to Fixer Upper.

Jana Duggar has also designed a chicken coop called Chick Inn and a sitting area for anyone to enjoy the view on the Duggar property. Even cousins Israel Dillard and Spurgeon Seewald enjoy playing around their aunt's garden area. The cute snapshots that Jessa posted show the two boys playing on the tire swing and posing for pictures in front of the fenced-in garden.

As for her love life, there doesn't seem to be a courtship right now for Jana Duggar. Friend of the family Jacob Wilson put an end to the rumors that he is courting her after the twosome were seen in a photo together. That is all it takes to get Duggar fans riled up about a possible courtship. So, she is either keeping it all top secret, or she is just happy courting her plants and all of the things she creates.

What do you think of Jana Duggar's garden? Does she have the talents to get her own HGTV reality show?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]