Anderson Cooper kicks it in India with Benjamin Maisani

The New York Post’s Page 6 reports in an insinuation-heavy bit that CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been spotted in the world’s “most opulent hotel” with a guy-friend in Jaipur, India.

While not making any direct observations, the Post reports that Coop is on holiday with Benjamin Maisani, owner of downtown NYC’s Eastern Bloc. (I’ve been there, and I can’t recall the decor for all the adorable go-go boys clad in American Apparel briefs and knee socks.) Page 6 didn’t say that the pair are there as a pair per se, but did describe Cooper’s accomodation somewhat heavy-handedly:

Cooper’s $3,200-a-night room features a four-poster mahogany bed and views of the gardens of the former Maharaja palace. Our source said, “Anderson’s room has a large round bathtub. On the first night it was filled with bubbles and sprinkled with red rose petals.”

Cooper was spotted with Maisani about Manhattan in both June and September, often biking. The Post then only added that CNN “declined comment.”