'Destiny 2': Bungie Says MIDA Multi-Tool Overused But Not Overpowered, Another Patch Coming Next Week

The MIDA Multi-Tool has become the dominantly used weapon in Destiny 2 since launch, but does that mean it is dominant? Bungie answered that question in a weekly update on Thursday, plus they gave a preview of fixes coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shooter next week.

Destiny 2 stats pulled from Guardian.gg shows Scout Rifles as the dominant Kinetic weapon used in the Crucible at 41.3 percent. Individually, the MIDA Multi-Tool is by far the most Kinetic weapon at 34.2 percent. The next most used weapon is the Vigilance Wing at just 3.2 percent.

It's not hard to understand why the MIDA Multi-Tool is so favored early in the life of Destiny 2. The rifle handles extremely well, is effective at mid-to-long ranges, and has stellar perks like Third Eye, Lightweight, and a heavy aim assist.

Bungie is planning on updating the weapon balance in Destiny 2 in the future, but the MIDA is not necessarily on the list yet.

"We are aware of MIDA Multi-Tool's popularity and are looking at it very closely," Bungie Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski explained. "It is popular, but according to our data, there are options out there that match or exceed its effectiveness in all activities. Have you found one?"

"It's only the first month of a long adventure," the developer continued. "Many players are still gathering weapons for their arsenal and we have a handful of guns that haven't even hit the game yet. We're excited to see how things evolve."

It's unclear at this point if Bungie will nerf the MIDA Multi-Tool, buff other weapons, or just leave well enough alone. The good news is the developers have afforded themselves the option of being able to tune weapons individually in Destiny 2 versus being forced to tune entire weapon classes in the original Destiny. That came at the cost of losing the randomized perks though, as previously covered.

The MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 2.
To nerf or not to nerf? [Image by Bungie]

Meanwhile, Bungie plans to release hotfix patch on Tuesday, October 3, to fix a number of outstanding issues. This includes clan engrams for Trials of the Nine and the raid being rewarded at only 10 power plus correcting the Exotic Quest Step "His Highness's Seal" so that only 10 seals are required to be collected.

This does mean Destiny 2 will be taken offline yet again. The game's servers will go offline Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT and are not expected to be brought back up until four hours later.

Outstanding Destiny 2 issues that Bungie acknowledged include not getting rewards from Cayde's Stash, Lost Sectors, and Planetary Chests. This has been an on-going issue as players have noticed the chests stop granting rewards after a number has been opened within a certain timeframe. Meanwhile, crashes on the PlayStation 4 are being investigated along with instances where Leviathan raid keys are removed from a character's inventory.

Do you feel like the MIDA Multi-Tool should get a nerf or be left alone? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]