Bill O’Reilly Shows Intense Frustration At NFL On Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show

When two of the biggest conservative superstars get together, there’s bound to be fireworks. And that’s just what happened when Bill O’Reilly showed up as a guest on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday evening.

Sean Hannity introduced the embattled talk show host as a man who “needs no introduction.” Bill was in good spirits and indicated that he doesn’t miss the daily grind of the talk show world. He said he had spent a lot of time by the ocean this past summer.

Soon, Mr. O’Reilly dug into the situation with the NFL, the flag, and the National Anthem.

“I wanna address this comment to the NFL players today, and they’ll get this,” O’Reilly stated and added that Jaguars and Ravens didn’t know what they were doing when they knelt for the United States National Anthem but had no problem standing for the British one.

“About 3,000 miles east of you, there are American military personnel in Kandahar, Afghanistan who’s entertainment revolves around the armed-forces network ‘s football games.”

O’Reilly asked the football players to put themselves in a situation where they are fighting for their country, take a short time to escape by watching a football game, and see American football players disrespect the American flag and anthem. He said it would be very painful.

Hannity said he has great respect for the players’ athletic talent, but the fact they went to college should make them understand how hurtful their actions are. However, not everybody agrees.

For example, Doreen St. Felix of the New Yorker believes kneeling now has a different important meaning, one that doesn’t equate to being Anti-American. She believes the kneeling now represents an opposition to Trump’s rhetoric. It also stands for free speech. On that particular day, it also could have been about NFL pride after Trump publicly toasted the football league.

Bill O’Reilly thinks the NFL is making a huge mistake. [Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

Bill O’Reilly told Hannity that he thinks the kneeling is giving credence the notion that the United States is a racist nation, where white supremacists constantly hunt down people of color, and the police purposely conspire to hurt minorities.

Bill O’Reilly believes that the league and owners have lost control. No matter how much people disagree with the former Fox News host, he may have a point. As Deadline reported, ratings for Sunday Night Football took a noticeable dump. The NFL’s ratings have been up and down over the past year, but now they’re constantly headed in the wrong direction.

It seems as if the NFL is between a rock and a hard place. If they continue supporting the kneeling, they will lose viewers and money. If they don’t support the kneeling, they will be accused of being socially insensitive. What do you think of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity’s assessment of the situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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