Jax Taylor Apologizes, But He Admits That He Probably Hasn't Learned Anything From Behavior On Spin-Off Show

Jax Taylor wasn't proud of the way he acted on Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky. As the season finale aired on Bravo this week, Taylor may have realized that he was being a jerk. He knew that he wasn't the perfect boyfriend, as he ignored many of the things that were said to him. As Taylor has previously revealed, he often reacts before he hears what has been said to him, which often lands him in trouble. When fans watched the season finale, many were shocked that he was lashing out the way he did, because people adore Brittany Cartwright. While he may have felt some pressure in relation to marriage, he doesn't necessarily think that his behavior justifies his views.

At the same time that Taylor issued a public apology for the way things went down in Kentucky, he also told one fan that he may not have learned anything from the situation. Many of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars have said Brittany is perfect for him and that he should work to keep her, but he admits that not even losing her may change his ways. According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor responded to the fan, revealing that he probably hasn't learned anything from his dramatic fight with her.

"Probably not, but I'll keep trying," Taylor told the Twitter follower after the season finale aired last night.

It is very interesting that Taylor doesn't feel like he has learned anything. It seems like Brittany is one of his longest relationships, and he has admitted that he never thought about marriage prior to meeting her. Jax is now open to the idea, and he has revealed that he could see himself getting married to her. Since she has already changed his views dramatically, one would think that he would work to change himself so he doesn't lose her. To his credit, Taylor does reveal that he is trying to change his ways, and he has admitted to therapy. Perhaps his Vanderpump Rules co-stars want him to try harder, as they really like Cartwright for him.
What do you think about Jax Taylor's tweet that he may not have learned a thing despite issuing an apology? Do you think he will try to fix his issues, or do you think he will continue to act the way he does?

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