Trump Forgets Melania? Fake Video Gets More Than 11 Million Views, But Trump's Words Seem Misinterpreted

By now you've likely seen the video clips that claim President Donald Trump is in trouble mentally, because he allegedly forgot that first lady Melania Trump was standing right next to him in Florida. As seen in the above photo, Trump and Melania spoke to the press on September 14, the day they returned from Florida to inspect the relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Melania was still wearing the green shirt upon her return to the White House and President Trump was still wearing his $40 USA hat, as reported by the Inquisitr, which can be seen in the viral video below.

Did President Trump Forget Melania Was Standing Next To Him In Florida?

As reported by Google Trends, the search term "Trump forgets Melania is standing next to him" is experiencing a breakout number of queries. Variations of the same search terms being reported by Google include "Donald Trump forgets Melania" and "Trump forgets Melania is there," along with "Trump forgets about Melania." So why are so many people searching for news about Trump forgetting about Melania? It all depends on how the following video is interpreted to the listener and spun by the writer.
As viewed in the video titled "Did Trump Forget Melania Is Standing Next To Him?" Trump began thanking the first responders and Vice President Mike Pence. When Trump rattled on that "Melania really wanted to be with touched her heart," at first blush it appears that Trump may have forgotten Melania was standing next to him. But Trump's words don't necessarily mean that he forgot Melania was standing right next to him.

Trump forgets Melania
[Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

If Trump would have said that Melania really wanted to be there but she couldn't make it, that would've proven that he forgot Melania was there. Instead, the rambling, odd, and sometimes quirky way that Trump speaks seems lost in the interpretation of folks claiming that he forgot Melania was standing next to him. As such, funny videos like the one below, which repeat Trump's words and feature slow-motion loops have swelled to more than 11 million views, containing the words at the end, "Melania...never forgotten."

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]