'Hocus Pocus' Gets Reboot: Disney Channel Working On Resurrecting The Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus debuted 24-years-ago. It was a huge hit back then and still is today. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker brought the Sanderson sisters to life. As a Halloween classic, the movie is typically played on the Disney Channel at least once through the month of October. Now, Hocus Pocus fans may get an even bigger treat than they ever anticipated.

According to TV Guide, the Disney Channel is busy working on a Hocus Pocus reboot that would be a made-for-TV movie. The assumption is that it would be similar to the Disney Channel original movies like Halloweentown and Twitches. This is great news for fans, especially those with children who will be able to watch it with them. It is in the very early stages right now, and won't make it for the Halloween season this year.

Details surrounding the Hocus Pocus reboot are very slim at the moment. It has been confirmed that Kenny Ortega will not be attached to the project despite being the original director. The scriptwriter and the producer have already been chosen, but that is the extent of the knowledge. While it was speculated that the original cast members would return, but that has been squashed now. All new characters will be introduced with the Hocus Pocus being more imaginative than the first.

After nearly a quarter-century, Hocus Pocus still draws quite the fanfare. The story as original, something that wasn't typical of the Halloween movies put out. The Sanderson sisters have inspired Halloween costumes, decorating themes, and so much more. Despite the actresses going on and doing much more high-profile work, they are still recognized for their Sanderson sister character by fans. The idea that they won't be in the reboot is a bit disappointing, but there is room to showcase something different without taking away from the original.

With no date released yet, the projection for the Hocus Pocus reboot is 2018. That would give the Disney Channel enough time to iron out the details and work on filming before the next Halloween season rolls around. Adding a reboot to the lineup of Disney Channel original movies has fans pumped up. The reboot has not been given a tentative name, though Hocus Pocus 2 is an unlikely bet at this point. They want a reference to the original, but a bit of a difference as well. Only time will tell, but Hocus Pocus brought a lot of magic and this movie could too.

[Featured Image by Steven Diaz/Disney Parks/Getty Images]